10 Super ways to make extra money in 2014!

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This page will tell you how you can make money easily and quickly from your exiting sources available.

Its all about money!!

Well with the recession song played everywhere, money is tighter than ever before, but there are some easy ways to make money. Have a look at the most easiest way of making money in 2014!

1. Rent out your spare Room

If you have any spare room in your house then that’s it, you can turn that spare room into money. On average double room in London generates about £110 per week. Simply list your room onto sites like Gumtree , spareroom.co.uk and start making extra money.

2. Rent your Driveway or Parking space

If you don’t have a spare room in your house or you don’t want to share your bathroom and kitchen with strangers, how about the driveway? This is the easiest way of generating extra cash without spending a penny. If you have a Driveway, parking or a garage and you don’t use it, then rent it out. You can earn around £50 to £300 a month. Simply list your space on sites like ParkAtMyHouse and start earning extra money. Remember space near railway stations, Airports and sports venues are the most popular.

3. Become a child-minder

As More Parents are working full-time and with demand increasing for childcare, why not become a Child-Minder. This could be very rewarding and you could earn up to £4 to £5 per child. But remember you need to be CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check. You could bag up to £240 a day.

4. Sell your unwanted items on E-Bay

This is one of the easiest ways of converting your useless and unwanted items into cash. This is so successful and easy that eBay has suggested that every house in the UK has about £500 worth of unwanted items which could be sold on eBay. So guys go and browse your cupboards and everything possible and earn extra money.

5. Blogging

Blogging can be a great way of making money. For many Bloggers, blogs are additional source of income. Blogging all depends on what you write, traffic on your blog and companies who pay you for their ads on your blog. If you are a regular blogger then you can earn up to £600 a week but it all depends on traffic.

So for example if a blogger had 50,000 views per month then he would make up to £400 a month. But if he had 500,000 views, then earning could mount up to £4000 a month. So what you are waiting for just pick up an interesting topic and start blogging.

6. Get Credit Card with Cash Back Facility

Yes that is correct, Credit Card with Cash back facility. It works same as your normal credit card but the fun is that you earn cashback each time you use your card. The cash back is paid to you annually as a lump sum.

There are cards that pay you up to 5% initially and then around 1.3% onward. Remember do not forget to pay your interest otherwise you will lose your cashback.

7. Be a Film Extra

It sounds funny but why not if you can earn money. Many companies are always looking for extras and they pay you decent amount. You could earn up to £150 a day. This will also provide you a chance to meet your favorite movie stars. Remember you need to join an agency first.

8. Become a mystery shopper

Want to shop but can’t afford to? Then why not earn and shop as a mystery shopper. Many companies employ people to visit restaurants and shops unannounced and rate their experience. You could potentially earn up to £30 a visit plus your purchases are reimbursed. So you could have a free lunch and sleep in a 5 star hotel for free.

9. Turn your old mobile phone into cash

We all have old phones sitting in our drawers, why not turn them into cash. There are loads of websites who buy your phone even if it’s damaged. Website such as fonebank.com pays up to £150 for your old iPhone 5.

10. Last but not the least, Manage your savings

Easiest way to make money is to save money. There is a famous saying “always save money before spending them”. Shop around and look for good deals and spend some time to sort your finances. Also if you haven’t used your ISA allowance for the current tax year then get this account today and save your money wisely. You could save up to £5,100 each tax year as money in an ISA will not be taxed.

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author avatar Lisa
25th Jun 2014 (#)

well i tried most of these but they dont help. but good article for starters :)

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author avatar John wiles
25th Jun 2014 (#)

well these are well known not somthing which is new. but i appriciate your article

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author avatar John wiles
25th Jun 2014 (#)

well these are well known not somthing which is new. but i appriciate your article

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author avatar Chiranshu monga
16th Jul 2014 (#)

Ways To Make Extra Money From Your Blog

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