3 Reasons for the Popularity of Physical Retail Outlets over Ecommerce Sites

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Online shopping has opened up those avenues to the audience that were never thought to have existed before.

Physical Retail and Online Shops

Online shopping has opened up those avenues to the audience that were never thought to have existed before. It has made shopping more accessible and easier. But, in spite of the massive development of e-commerce competencies through mobile applications and other technological advancements, it has been seen that the popularity of the physical retail stores are still unabashed for the shoppers.

The surveys conducted reveals that the ability to take the products home then and there and the capability of touching and feeling the products are some of the major reasons why people prefer to shop by visiting the retail stores.

Mentioned below are some of the reasons why people still like shopping in the retail stores rather than the ecommerce sites.

Younger Generation has the Urgency –An interesting phenomenon that has been observed is that the young adults love going to the retail outlets as they can get gratification by the instant possession of the products. The youngest age segment ranging between the ages of 18 and 24 opine that it is the easy exchange facility that is most loved by them and that is reason why they keep visiting the retail shops.

A higher percentage of aged shoppers(like that above 65 years) and those of adults (below 35 years) refer to the need to feel, touch and try out the items as the primary reason for shopping in the stores. This may be because they have more time for going to the stores for shopping.

Women Get to See While Men Get to Take Away at the Retail Stores –Surveys have brought forward the fact that retail outlets are preferred by both male and female consumers for different reasons. It has also been opined that women get to see the various types of products prior to trying it out. This gives them enough options to choose from. This is not the case with the online sites. That is why women love to visit retail shops.

For men apart from seeing the things and judging them by themselves, instant gratification is also another reason for the men to prefer shopping from the retail shops directly.

Online Stores Are Not Able to Reach Everywhere and Retail Shopping is a Break from Monotony – There are many areas that the online stores cannot reach and deliver. For the people staying there the options get very limited. Under such circumstances, visiting the nearest retail is the only option left to them.

Moreover, many people think of the shopping in the retail shops to be a quality investment of time and effort. Shopping is a break from monotony and this is achieved by visiting a nearby retail shop instead of sitting in the comfort of the home and browsing through products online. That is also another reason that more people prefer going for shopping from the retail stores.

So it is safe to say that brick and mortar shops have turned out to be more beneficial for people by giving the opportunity for judging the products by themselves and taking them home immediately. The above are some of the reasons that show that retail stores like that of STORE 99 are more preferred by people than that of online shopping. So now by enhancing the shopping experience of the customers, the retailers can ensure success and sustainability for their business.

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