4 Significant Tips to Delight Your Customers

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The technological onslaught has marked the beginning of a new era in the world of business. Entrepreneurs have now discovered a renewed faith in delivering a great customer service.


Every business, including the retail stores, actually needs to know what their unique selling proposition is. Apart from the prices and the uniqueness that you can offer, there is another thing that can actually bring things to your favour and that is an exceptional customer service.

It has been proved through research that customers tend to go back to places that offers great customer service. Not only that, this assures word of mouth referrals and brand loyalty and you should understand that personal recommendations are far more reliable from the customer’s point of view than the advertisements.

So how will you be able to offer outstanding customer service? Below are mentioned some of the ways in which you can actually offer great customer service to your consumers. Just read on to know.

A Note of Gratitude - While there are so many options, with the advent of technology a hand-written “Thank You” note has still not lost its significance. You may think that “thank you” notes have lost their value as they are such a tried and tested tactic but you are wrong. In fact technology has made it the hand-written notes some kind of lost art for whit poses a greater impact these days and you are bound to make a mark through this.

The Archetypal Freebie – Reciprocity happens to be a very potent emotional trigger. It has been revealed through research that freebies are sure-shot methods of making customers feel welcomed. That is why most companies who have made it big, usually leave no stones unturned for making their customers feel so. So if everything else fails this is one thing that will always have the right impact on your customers.

Be Proactive rather than Reactive In Case of Your Customer Service – Try to keep it in mind that customer service is an opportunistic service and not always a reactive one. Some reps are just too sleuthing under some circumstances. You do not have to be the same but slowing down while talking to your customers is what is expected of you. For example, suppose one of your customers is stuck in the step 4 of using a particular product. So after helping him or her with the particular step, volunteer and ask him or her if you can help them with the next step too. This type of understanding or social sensibility is very much coveted for offering a great customer service.

Check with the Customers – This is one of the most vital ways of offering great customer service. A personal follow-up email can leave a great impact on the customer. Suppose someone has bought golf clubs from your store. A personal follow-up email asking the customer, how they are performing and if he has been able to attend his full range, can have a miraculous impact on your store and there is a great chance that the customer will return to you the next time they want something that your store sells.

The above are some of the things that you must keep in mind to offer a remarkable customer service and surprise the visitors of your store in a unique way. These are tried and tested by the renowned stores like Market 99 India, Super 99 India http://www.super99.in, Store 99 India and these are the reasons behind their jaw-dropping success within such a short time.


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