4 Ways to Divide Money to Invest

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Investment is the purchase of goods or services activity that is not used directly, but will be utilized economic value in the future. In today's era of economic development, modern society has been thinking about awareness to perform investment activities. This is because investment is a form of business that will generate a heap of dollars to control the financial system owned.

Ways to Divide Money to Invest

Similarly, the establishment of a business or business systems that require capital. This investment also depends on the amount of capital as well as the proper use of capital. As economic actors and part of the economy from now you need to understand the various things that can be done to share capital or money you have, so it can produce promising investment in the future.
Here are some ways that are offered to improve the ability to divide the money for capital investment:

Finding out about yourself
Knowing yourself is not an easy thing to do, but it becomes important thing we have to do. Recognize yourself can begin from recognizing our mindset in response to a condition that occurs, either pleasant or miserable. From the response we give may be feeling, word and deed. So it should be understood well as the shape of our identity, of the things that we will be able to understand every thing we do so the response that we provide will remain in line and consistent.

Potential is the main thing that you must understand before starting to perform any activity, including investment. Finding out about the things concerning himself becomes very important, because the world of investment should be supported capabilities of investors. Recognize themselves can begin by knowing what joy or passion possessed So when starting doing business, you will feel comfortable and relaxed.

Investment world is very diverse and close to the day-to-day activities. For example, if you have an interest in fashion it can invest for items related to beauty, clothing or whatever it is. So hobby can make money not just spend money. From now understand themselves and develop their potential.

Adding income
Can not be separated off from that capital investment. Economic actors or businesses do have a rational look at the existence of capital into one of the main support in the business world as well as investment. In the process to start investing then start to increase revenue.

If you currently work as a servant with eight working hours per day and with a salary between two to three million or below, it should be considered how to find another door that will increase revenue. Opening a small business or looking for a job that can be done after the main working hours can be an option.

Today many side job offer that can be done at home and it should be an option to increase revenue. In addition to jobs, so potentially if you have the ability or skill such as making crafts and so on. Why is it important to raise their income to start investing? Due to the considerable capital investment will be large so produced will also be great.

Reduce spending less important

Control the expenditure or in other words frugality is something to be done. Reduce spending less important should be done early, so that your finances will actually well controlled and owned money will work as much as possible.

It is important see today's society behaves very consumptive, so as prospective investors should be able to use the money to the fullest. Downsize or reduce expenditure.

Steps can be taken to reduce such expenses prioritize needs, putting things that are not too important as a secondary requirement. If you can you should put the needs of tertiary in nature does not need to be fulfilled.

In addition to the priority scale, saving can be done by detailing the expenditure that has been done and then find a way to release it is not done in a monotone. Utilizing existing goods or still feasible to use in order not to depend on new items continuously.

Start dividing income
We recommend that you start thinking about how to organize the income that you earn today. Doing good financial management is indispensable. In finances, you have to think about the financial allocation for investment, education, savings, pension, life, health, and entertainment.

Eight things that are needed in life and should, divided in such a way to fit a portion of each. Example divide your income if the income range of ten million per month. The details are as follows:
- 1 million for retirement savings
- 1 million for education savings
- 3 million for investment
- 1 million to pay installments
- 1 million for electricity needs
- 2 million for spending money
- 1 million for entertainment
Finance division as above can be adjusted to income each month. Finances so you become really well-controlled as well as details above. Start thinking about the efficient use of your income, do not get stuck in a situation that makes you consumptive economy.

All four practices are expected to provide solutions on how to divide the money you have to invest, either short-term investments and long-term. Start dare to think about your financial situation so that later days of old have concerns about the financial condition is no longer a big problem.
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