5 Reasons Always Exceed Budget Spending

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We as one of the living beings on Earth definitely need a lot of things in order to survive. It was often said to be the basic necessities, such as food, shelter and clothing. In addition there is also a need tertiary, and other necessities. And to get it, we need to work in order to earn income.

Reasons Always Exceed Budget Spending

Income that is then made into the budget expenditures to meet the needs. But often swelling spending for various reasons. Starting from considers financial planning is difficult, unrealistic, can not control the desire to shop, do not use a shopping list, and do not want to skimp. In this article, all of them will be discussed one by one.

You assume that financial planning is a difficult thing

This assumption is often used as an excuse for the suspects. They argue that because the price of an item is never fixed, always increasing, whereas if to raise the budget, not as easy as turning the hand. There are ways you can do to adjust the budget to the existing field conditions. Write down in detail the costs you spend each month, ranging from fixed costs that must be paid, for example rent, tuition, transportation, and so on, until the costs of small and unpredictable.

Try to be detailed estimate of money you have to spend, for example, to toiletries, cooking spices, cleaning tools, and others. Create a maximum budget for each category of expenditure, and try as much as possible to not exceed the budget are made. If you can spend less than budgeted, then it would be much nicer.

It is unrealistic
As mentioned previously, even though you have made some sort of a plan to manage your finances. In fact anyway will not help because it turns out that the reality does not match our expectations. Let alone to buy staples such as rice and meat, the price is very volatile, especially when approaching certain moments such as Eid. All costs will soar to the point where the price becomes unrealistic. Therefore, the need for change in your attitude to outsmart it. Do not let your finances become minus. Suppose that in the previous case, the need to address it wisely.

You should be able to determine which must be prioritized first. Take for example, you can replace animal side dish into a vegetable side dish. In addition to a cheaper price, also very healthy vegetable side dishes. If you still insist to want meat, you have to increase the amount of additional income. The trick is to open up new sources of income. However, you should already be familiar with the conditions of our country's economy. You definitely know when the moments when prices skyrocketed and decline. Use the fact that you have to as a first step in looking for an extra income.

You can not control the desire to sh
Shopping is the basic needs of modern man both men and women. By shopping used to make ends meet. However, it can also result into shopping addiction. It would be bad because we will try to fulfill our desires without considering the usability of the goods purchased. As a result, shoppers often do not realize that they run out of money wasted on items that are not too useful. One to prevent this is to trace the cause of why you become like that.

Generally shopaholic arise because of the emotions and also demands follow fashion trend on the rise. You can reduce it by socializing with friends and family. Because if you often meet and spend time with friends and family, are not aware of your spending can be little appetite control. You can also go to a psychiatrist. This will be the final act to assume the desire of shopping has become a staple. Go psychiatrist to receive further treatment for addiction to shopping or shopping like this could be associated with mental illness.

Shopping without a shopping list
The fundamental mistake that is often made a lot of people are shopping without making a shopping list in advance. So you become less able to control your shopping desires. You will buy an item that was not useful. But many people who already understand the benefits of this shopping list, still does not make it because they do not know the steps to create a shopping list that is appropriate and effective. It can be started by giving an appropriate category.

Create the table with specific columns in accordance with the nutritional content. For example, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, calcium and so on. Or you can also attach a memo in the fridge, then every time you check the contents, list of food ingredients which are soon exhausted. That way you know for sure which one must first be purchased. Another tip is when you create a shopping list, you should use the full concentration without interference from anyone, alone with a list of planned, definitely make monthly expenditure more effectively. And when shopping day arrives, do check once again. Find out which ones can be left unturned so calmly towards the supermarket or market.

You do not want to skimp
When you've become rich, sometimes you will be hard to control myself to stop big spending habits. Especially when your income numbers are so large that you without the need for austerity measures, still met their needs. But it would be nice if you keep trying to downsize. Frugality was a lot of benefits. The first one we can feel with frugality is not tempted by the consumptive lifestyle, other than that we could make a top priority.

Not only about the basic needs that must be met or not, you put it into practice in something more complex, such as the face of a lot of work. You can set the priority which should be done first and what can be postponed. Applying a frugal life is difficult, especially when we are already being consumptive. But that does not mean you can not do it. We must remember not always be in the same condition. Sometimes we are on top, and sometimes at the bottom.
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