5 Tips for Buying Women’s Shoes Online

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Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You’re in the market for a new pair of comfortable, yet fashionable sneakers. So, like any 21st century woman, you begin by consulting Google.

1. Stick With Brands That Have a Good Reputation

Your search for “women’s comfort shoes and sneakers” brings you to a branded site, and there you find them … the sneakers you’ve been searching for! You’re reluctant to order online, so you start by hitting up your favorite local stores and boutiques that sell women’s casual shoes, hoping to find the exact pair you’re looking for (or something very similar). You search and you search, but you just can’t find that perfect pair of fashionable sneakers. So it’s back to the Internet you go! Yes, they still have them, and yes they’re in your size – but you are still hesitant. What if they aren’t everything you wanted them to be? What if the color looks slightly different in person? What if they don’t fit? Can you even return them?

If this situation is one you often find yourself in, you’re not alone. Many of us ladies are very hesitant to buy women’s shoes online. There are many different variables for selecting the perfect pair of fashionable sneakers, or other women’s casual shoes – and thanks to various brands which may all have differences in fit (not to mention the unique and varied differences between each and every foot), sizing can be much more of a headache than it is for other articles of clothing.

While buying women’s shoes online can be difficult, this does not mean it’s impossible. By following a few basic steps, you can make your online purchasing process simple and stress-free, and end up with that perfect pair of shoes you just can’t find anywhere else. Here’s five easy tips for buying women’s shoes online!

There is always a risk when shopping online, but this risk becomes even greater when
you’re purchasing from brands you’re unfamiliar with. Between shady fraudulent websites that steal credit card information to cheap, shoddily-made products, there is a lot that can go wrong when you order from an unknown brand or company. The best way to avoid this is to only shop from online brands that have a good reputation. If you’re looking to purchase from a brand you haven’t heard of before, do a quick Google search. Are they a well-known trusted company? What do their customers say about the quality of their products? Do you have any friends that have bought from them in the past? If you’re hearing overwhelmingly positive things about them, then they’re most likely a safe company to purchase from.

2. Know Your Actual Shoe Size

You may think you know your shoe size, but chances are you may not be correct. According to a 2014 U.K. survey, nearly half of women wear the wrong shoe size. So before you attempt to buy women’s shoes online, you’ll need to first know your actual shoe size. The best way to do this is to go get measured by a professional. Shoe cobblers and shoe store owners are more likely to give you an accurate measurement, as opposed to the average department store worker. (They can also tell you if you run narrow or wide, which may influence your purchasing decision.) Keep in mind that you may need to wear a different size depending on the type of shoe you’re looking to purchase. For example, many women tend to size up when wearing fashionable sneakers, in order to allow room for socks. And of course, not all brands run true to size. But as long as you know your true measurements, you’ll have a much easier time determining which size you’ll need when buying women’s shoes online.

3. Review the Product Details

Don’t forget to check out the product details section of the website before purchasing your shoes. Here you can find out valuable information that may affect your purchasing decision, such as high tall the heels are and what materials the shoes are made of. It’s a very easy way to get more information about the shoes you are buying, but can often be overlooked.

4. Read User Comments and Reviews

Many companies feature product reviews right on the website itself. These can be very helpful in determining whether a shoe runs true to size or not, as well as how comfortable they are. If the company’s website does not feature reviews, feel free to venture off-site and look for customer reviews via Google or Amazon.

5. Check the Company’s Return and Exchange Policy

No matter how much research you do ahead of time, there is always the possibility that you’ll need to return or exchange the shoes you buy. Before you make your purchase, be sure to review the company’s return and exchange policy. Some brands’ websites, such as OTBT Shoes, offer free returns and exchanges – so you won’t have to worry about paying to ship your shoes back to the company. Other websites charge money, so it’s always best to make sure. It’s also important to note that most companies will not accept returns that show any signs of wear, so be sure to ensure a proper fit as soon as you receive them. If they need to be returned or exchanged, let the company know immediately.

Following these five steps will help make ordering women’s shoes online less a headache and more of a joy. In the end, proper research, clear communication with the company, and a thorough understanding of the sizing and ordering process will ensure that you end up with a pair of shoes you love, and will wear for years to come.


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