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Working more will only mean more time away from your family, not more money.

And even if you have a hourly job, extra hours are probably hard to come by right now.

You could ask for a raise. Not a bad idea in normal times. But we’re not exactly living in normal times. Many of us are worried about just keeping our jobs. So what’s the solution?

How I Make Extra Money

For me, it’s been having my own blog and writing about personal finance. I’m able to make a quality secondary income from my efforts here at PT Money. So, is blogging about finance the answer? For me it was. But it isn’t necessarily what’s going to bring you extra income. Here’s why:

I’m passionate about personal finance. It’s something I liked talking about prior to even blogging about the subject. Also, because I’m passionate about the subject, I meet other people who also like to talk and write about it. I learned from their successes and have since been able to find my own success to share.

Lastly, because of my passion, I was able to develop a plan for a successful blog, as well as, put in the time to actually make it successful without it feeling like a huge hardship.

Want to start making your own extra money? Here are my 5 tips for making extra money. Remember: It starts with passion.
Turn a Hobby into a Paying Gig

What are you hobbies? What are the things you like to do with your free time? That’s likely the thing that you should focus on to create some extra income. You’re already passionate and knowledgeable about your hobby. Find a way to turn it into extra money.
Just Start, Perfect Later

Make Extra Money StackYou’ve heard it before, “the perfect is the enemy of the good.” This is so true when it comes to making extra money. A lot of time and money is wasted on putting together the perfect business plan. Some planning is good, but you’ll learn far more about your side business if you just start. You don’t need business cards or a website to get started. Just go make sales. Then get those other things going once you figure out how to make money with your side business.
Find Someone Already Having Success

Finding success with any business rarely happen to those who try to go it alone. Besides, most worthwhile money making ideas aren’t novel. Someone has already done it and is doing it better than you could ever imagine. Find those people, make friends, provide value to them, and then study how they do what they do. This is the quickest way to turning your struggling side income into a successful money maker.
Set Goals and Create a Plan

At some point, maybe after you’ve got some sales under your belt and have a feel for the business, you need to establish some goals. This goal plan will then become the guide for how you go about your side business over the next few weeks, months, and years. Revisit these goals on a routine basis and make adjustments as you learn more about the business and your expectations become more realistic.
Put in the Time and Discipline

My last tip is one you might not want to hear. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce something valuable enough to bring in a consistent extra income. I spend a lot of late nights and early mornings working on my side business. But because it’s a passion of mine, I can stick with it, even when it seems like success is a bit further down the road


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