5 Tips for Saving Money when DIning Out

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In today's economy eating out can be a very expensive venture—that is if you let it. If you enjoy eating out but don't really have a great deal of money to spend, you can follow some tips that will help you enjoy the best of both worlds. You want to keep in mind that you may not always want to follow these tips: sometimes you just want to give your wife or yourself a break from cooking. However, if you just enjoy the atmosphere of dining out, there are several things you can do to save money.

Develop the Habit of Using Coupons

Most people would not be caught in the grocery store without a stack of coupons, but these same people don't even think about using coupons to reduce the cost of their dining pleasure. Why? Sometimes it goes back to the way many of us were taught: if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it or if you can't afford to pay full price, don't bother to go. Those old adages may have held weight when people did not dine out often, but with so many people rushed today, dining out has become less of a pleasure and more of a necessity.

Dining Early in the Evening or Late at Night

Most restaurants offer specials for those who come in during the hours the restaurant is not very busy. Early Bird Specials or late night specials are great ways to save money. So maybe you don't really want to eat at 4:30 p.m. or after 10 p.m., but if you can save money, why worry about it?

Ordering Appetizers or Starters

While the portion sizes here are smaller, who cares? This is especially good for those who are light eaters anyway. Take advantage of the fact that you aren't very hungry or don't finish larger portions and save money by ordering a large appetizer instead of a big meal that will cost twice as much.

Share an Entree

In many restaurants the entrees are big enough for at least 1-1/2 portions or two. Most people will be satisfied with half an entrée and a salad. Since most of us eat too much when we go out—and even when we don't—this self-imposed portion control is a real money saver.

Choose Small, Independently Owned Ethnic Restaurants

In most ethnic restaurants the food is less expensive than in the traditional regional cuisine. You can try new dishes without feeling as though you have to take out a personal loan in order to afford a good meal!


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15th Sep 2011 (#)

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