5 ways to make money online

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The traditional way of earning their daily bread, is working in offices and facilities of a company or a business.

5 ways to make money online

The traditional way of earning their daily bread, is working in offices and facilities of a company or a business.

However, in recent times we have a great resource that is the Internet.KNOW 5 PAGES TO MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNET

 It is true that the Web was initially designed only for information exchange, and its usefulness in that area no one can argue. But over time it has become a medium that enables and facilitates doing business. Many people have their jobs "formal", and used to the World Wide Web as a tool to achieve some additional income to supplement the salary earned. Some lucky cover all your expenses, working comfortably from home, thanks to the Internet. And others with a combination of luck, intelligence and cunning have managed to make real business empires in cyberspace, but that's another story. In the list below, there are 5 common ways to make money online.

Of course, not the only, and the order in which they appear does not indicate that one is better than another.Top 5Design and sale of flannels A flannel garment is a very comfortable and casual. And it is used by people of all ages, cultures and levels. But surely, as more original, the more attractive. That's why we make unique designs, or create simple but fun phrases and place them on shirts, bags, hats, etc.. can be a viable alternative for income. Usually, the more unique and unconventional design is the more desirable it is. The growth of the Internet has facilitated the sale of such garment worldwide. In fact, sites like CafePress.com and SpreadShirt.com allow you to create an online store, then you should make your own designs and show them. The orders concerned will indicate if they want in a flannel cap, calendar, key chain or any other item you can think of to offer with that pattern.Top 4Domain Buying and Selling This activity is based mostly on luck, and business strategy experience. As you know, IP addresses are expressed with numbers the type Using this nomenclature directly would be very cumbersome to remember the address of a Web page. That's why those numbers are associated common names are much easier to cut.
For example, to visit Google, instead of writing 74,125,127,100, you put google.com in the address bar of your browser and agree to that site. Because a good name identifies your site, it is important to choose an appropriate domain for people to just read it, intuit concerned page and also be easy to remember. Those domains are registered through companies known as registrars accredited by ICANN (the body in charge of assigning Internet names and numbers), and must pay a small fee annually ($ 10 approx.) For the right to use them. Then the business is to record unused domains that are generic and easy to identify.

For example, register the domain pedroperez.com. Suddenly, someone actually called Pedro Perez is encouraged to make a website, and want to use your own name as a domain. Seeing that you've registered, you can contact you to negotiate the transfer of that domain. Sales may be made for prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to get some good miles. It all depends on the person concerned. Usually the best paid are commercial use.

Companies that need to be identified using specific domain, may be willing to pay good money. On the Internet there are sites for that kind of market, such as Sedo.com, where you register and advertise the domains you have registered. Then subtract wait for some interested you bid.Bronze MedalFreelancing Freelancing is to practice your profession independently. Fields that are more amenable to this form of work are journalism, writing and writing in general, and computer programming, graphic design, consulting, translations and other similar services. Sure, you must have a good level of experience and knowledge to succeed laboring in that way. The idea is to provide services according to the activity you master, and the people who require it, hire you. Internet sites much easier as TrabajoFreelance.com promote yourself in your respective area.

People or companies that require a particular service such review pages to propose projects and receive bids for developing them. The advantage is that you decide if you should or not do a particular job or project. An independent work can provide a good income.Silver MedalHave a Blog Most decide to start a blog because you feel passion for a specific topic, or just because you need to express your ideas, experiences, thoughts, share your photos, music and so on. But blogs can also be a way to get some income in exchange for pouring your endless stream of thoughts. The key here, as in many other Internet services, is selling advertising. 

After starting a personal blog, many writers are part of advertising services. The most common is Google Adsense, which generates Sponsored links that relate to the content of the website or blog in this case. The gain comes from the clicks that visitors make. The value of each click is usually very small (cents). The more times your blog readers do click on the ads, the more money you make. This works well if you're a casual blogger, which can at least afford the server costs. But if your blog is interesting, well written and get a lot of hits, some companies may be interested in placing display advertising on your site, and pay for it. Blogs famous as Boing Boing, have practically become a business and its creators have been able to leave their jobs and devote full time to writing, thanks to the money they earn from advertising.

GOLD MEDALSell ​​on auction sites This is almost a classic and is the easiest way to get some extra money online. The concept is simple: if you have a few pots that you do not need, just the public and expect to bid on them. The most common sites are eBay and MercadoLibre (the latter in Latin America).

The advantage is that it requires a lot of effort, since the page is already cooked and just need to sign up and start selling. Sure they should pay something for sales commissions and for publishing the ads. The goods need not be used. There are vendors who are well organized entirely new products. Even emit invoice and give guarantee for their items just as they do traditional business. The not so good part is that, as a seller, you have to compete with a large number of colleagues. Therefore it is very important to offer legitimate products, fair prices, be creative in ads, make deliveries or shipments on time and above all, try to the best way to customers.

These pages have a rating system where buyers can rate sellers and comment on how they fared in the transaction. And have a good reputation in the community of these portals is of utmost importance. The more positive feedback you get, the more people are willing to do business with you, which of course means more profit.


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