6 Tips to save money when doing your back to school shopping

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Back to school can definitely hurt your bank account, since most parents tend to spoil their children by buying them name brand clothing and school supplies. We as parents want to make sure our children are prepared with all their school supplies and more but do they really need them? Here are a few tips and suggestions that will save you money.

#1 Shop through your closet and their backpacks

Before you do any shopping, look through their closet where they keep all their school supplies. Kids will be kids, and they usually don't use everything you buy them. I have found brand new pencils, markers, scissors, rulers, etc. unopened.

#2 You should never purchase everything in one store

One the worst and most expensive ways of doing your back to school shopping is to go into one store and purchase everything on your list at that store. Why? Even though you might find a couple of items on sale, more than likely you will end up paying full price for other items that you could have gotten a deal from another store.

#3 Sold out item price match

So, what does that mean? Say, you go to Target and they are sold out of their 10 cent crayons, now what? Just take the ad to your local Walmart or Walgreens store and if they carry the same brand you were trying to purchase at the other store, they will price match the deal.

#4 Wait to purchase non-essentials to get the best deals

Non-essentials are supplies that your kids might not need the first few weeks of school such as protractors, calculators, and supplies for projects. September is when the best deals where you find 75%-90%.

#5 Backpack shopping

One of the most expensive purchases is backpacks. So, how can I save on a new backpack? There are two ways: avoid name brand backpacks and character themed backpacks.

#6 Leave the children at home

Most parents like to take their kids back to school shopping, so they can enjoy the experience, but it's not a good a good idea. Young kids are the worst, they will want the most expensive character-themed backpack and pencils that are 5 times more than they should be.


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