9 ways to generate extra cash without quitting your job

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Everybody need extra money to maintain regular expenses.There are various ways are available to earn extra money without disturbing regular jobs.

Extra Pocket Money

An individual earns a fixed income by salary, which is essential for his/her family expenditures. Everybody needs extra money for various expenses. So, everybody tries his/her best to earn some extra money at the weekends or free time. At present, various ways are available to earn extra money honestly without disturbing regular jobs. Some of the part-time top jobs are discussed below -

1. Overtime jobs : As you are a regular employee in an organization, so first you should try in your organization for overtime work. The various manufacturing companies used to offer overtime work for their existing employees. In case of service industry, there are also lots of jobs are available at the weekends.

2. Teaching jobs : If you are in a regular teaching profession or have a skill for teaching, you should go for part-time tuitions of your preferred subjects for school or college students.

3. As a craft Vendor : Collecting various raw materials, making creative things( toys, clay pots, things about wooden etc.) and selling them in the market is a very important source of extra income. There are various trainings also available in this respect, but obviously, you should have an aptitude for doing creative things.

4. Extra income using your PC : If you have a PC or a laptop in your home, then there is a great opportunity to earn EXTRA POCKET MONEY by using this resource. You can do data entry work for various Companies as a part-time basis in your spare time. But, make sure the company should be genuine.

5.Web designing work : If you are proficient in designing work, then a big opportunity to earn extra money is designing various e-commerce and responsive web pages. Today, most of the businesses are done by e-commerce. A good website of an e-business offers a marketplace for online customers. So, to create a good and responsive web page for an e-business is a vital task for web designers.

6. Video production business : Video is the most colorful and enjoyable feature than a text or audio content for online business prompting. You can create video clips and embed with audio and text, then upload this for business prompting as a consulting work.

7. Social Media Consultant : Various social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook are an easy-to-use interface for internet users. These media contain lots of features like Newsfeed, photo tagging and also creating ad revenue. So, social media is a valuable tool for advertising or marketing an e-business. A person who is well to strategically carry with the social media trend can open a social media consulting business at the spare time.

8. The eBay Consulting Business : In case of e-commerce marketing, eBay is the most popular marketplaces. Most of the business owners do not know about the eBay tools. So, the prospective eBay sellers can get advice about business plan writing, marketing, communication and other legal issues from eBay Consultants. So, become an eBay Consultant and earn handsomely.

9. Blog writing : If you have a good writing skills, then you should go for blog, article, PR writing jobs. Various companies used to pay regularly for your fresh contents.

As, most of the above part-time jobs require specialized skills so, an individual can also choose various part-time job opportunities like to become a party organizer, to become a financial advisor, to become a photographer, to offer car cleaning service, to care pet animals or to become a seller of café as per his/her choice.


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5th Oct 2015 (#)

Thanks; good ideas; if the returns are attractive.

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6th Oct 2015 (#)

Great Article, Lots Of Great Tips. Easy Info To Understand And Implement! Cheers!

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12th Oct 2015 (#)

I am doing blog writing, a good way to earn pocket money

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author avatar satish007
13th Oct 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing your comment

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