A Broke Girl's Guide to Summer Fun

Bailey Workman By Bailey Workman, 7th Jun 2012 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Check out these great, fun, cheap things to fill up your summer! Learn not only why you'll love them, but also why your wallet will too!

5 Cheap Things YOU Should do This Summer!

1. Go on a bike ride!
Why you should do it:
Bike riding is a great way to get exercise- it supports heart function, is low impact on achy knee and hip joints, and (if you take a hilly route) gives you a killer ass! It's a fun, easy way to pass the time while working up a sweat.

What it costs:
If you already own a bike, nothing! If not, bikes can be rented for around $20-$30 per day, but hourly rentals can be as low as $5!

2. Host a 'Dinner and a Movie' Party!

Why you should do it:
It's a fun way to connect with your friends. Learn more about each other by having everyone bring their favorite movie and a a dish for a group meal! Enjoy movie night in the comfort of your own home- without the sticky floors and overpriced snacks at the theater!

What it costs:
Next to nothing! These days, dinner and a movie can run up to a hefty $20-$40 per person! Bring the fun to your house instead for a night your friends-and their wallets-will thoroughly appreciate.

3. Start a $avings 'Wish List' blog!

Why you should do it:
Keeping a blog with pictures and messages about things you're dying to splurge on is a fantastic way to keep money in your pocket. Posting about those killer heels, that luxurious spa package, or a dream vacation is a great way to remind yourself why you're saving!

What it costs:
Absolutely nothing! Most blog sites are 100% free - (I personally recommend: .) They offer features that allow you to post pictures, music, and text! Keep your blog private or share it with your friends!

4.Take a 'mini' road trip!

Why you should do it:
By taking a day-long local 'road trip', you still get to indulge your sense of adventure without spending an entire paycheck. Visit your local tourist sites- (trust me, every town has a "world's largest" something), historical landmarks, and that semi-famous mom & pop cafe. Taking along a cheap disposable camera is a great way to turn that World's First Shrine To Baby Jesus attraction from lame to a hysterically silly memory you'll cherish for years to come.

What it costs:
If you and four friends travel together, around $20-$30 for the entire adventure, including gas, food, and the occasional souvenir. Most local attractions will have free admission, and compared to an actual road trip, the savings are insane!

5.Attend a poetry slam or open mic night!

Why you should do it:
These are a great way to enjoy some cheap entertainment. Talented musicians and writers often utilize open mic nights to get some publicity-and you might just discover an artist you really enjoy! If the mood strikes you, you can even perform something of your own! Poetry slams and open mic nights are often hosted at local coffeehouses-check out a local paper to get involved.

What it costs:
Anywhere from $5-$10, but performers usually get in free! Compared to concerts or expensive book readings, you're saving anywhere from $20-$100!

As you can see, summer fun is just around the corner! There is absolutely no need for this summer to break your bank.


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