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Clicking on PTC websites are a waste of time. Well after reading these very good reasons to click, you may change your mind.

PTC - The Main Complaint

There are so many people who say Paid To Click (PTC) websites are a waste of time, mostly because they pay in pennies and it seems like forever reaching payouts. There are hundreds of discussions on MYLOT with angry members complaining why they hate PTC. Most of these members have been scammed or have legitimate reasons not to like clicking. Heck, most of them did waste their time clicking since the sites they joined either closed or they never reached payout and gave up. Whatever their reason, there is a POSITIVE side to clicking on PTC websites.

If you are thinking about quitting PTC websites, please read these very good reasons to continue clicking before making your decision. I have been clicking since 2006 and will never quit and here are my reasons:

Free Money

Just name one place where you can get free money. Sure you can get lots of free things online but is anyone giving away money? How can this money be free you are probably thinking? Well the upside to meager earnings as others have wined about is the good ole IRS requires a minimum of six hundred dollars ($600) per year in order to report these earnings. No way you gonna come even close to those kinds of earnings clicking on PTC websites. Remember, this amount counts for EACH website. So let those pennies add up and collect your free money.

Little Time

Remember the angry members complaining about PTC being a waste of time? Well there is just one word that ends this argument, Facebook. How much time do you spend on Facebook reading their millions of ads and clicking on those links? Forwarding the links to all your friends so they can do the same. All that advertising revenue being passed around by millions of members. Is Facebook paying you one red cent for reading their ads? Wow, talk about a waste of time. It takes only 30 seconds to earn one cent on most PTC websites (2 cents per minute). Are you seriously telling me you don't have 30 minutes to spare from your busy day? Most PTC sites only give members 5-10 ads per day and even joining several sites, you can click all of them in less than an hour. You can spend an hour on Facebook and earn them millions and you earn nothing OR you can spend that hour clicking and earn some real cash. You do the math.

No Experience

Well this statement is self explanatory but let me add a few more things. The PTC world is constantly changing. Lots of websites are now adding all kinds of mini tasks, surveys, games, videos and so many different ways to earn more cash. No resumes or interview questions necessary. No supervisor looking over your shoulder. You work when you want and you get to pick the type of assignments you want. It's sorta like being your own boss right? Now what job let's you be in charge from the very beginning with absolutely no experience?

Click Anywhere

This is my favorite reason for staying with PTC websites, you can click from just about anywhere. If you own a laptop, you have struck gold since most places now offer free wi-fi connections. Talk about the perfect business, one you can do from anywhere and any time. Clicking also makes a good hobby for those rainy days when you are bored. Just one word of caution, be sure and check the terms first before logging in from another location. Some PTC websites only allow members to use the computer they registered with to sign on. Definitely don't want to lose your account and earnings because you broke a rule.

A Clicker Forever

So after reading these very good reasons, do you still want to quit clicking? Let me put it another way. Clicking is a job that allows you to earn FREE money, with no EXPERIENCE required, that you can do any TIME and from just about ANYWHERE. As for me, I will be a clicker forever.


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author avatar Retired
2nd Jun 2012 (#)

This is interesting. I had joined one site but left it midway as the earnings were too meagre.
Guess I will have to rethink.
Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Sergeantrom
3rd Jun 2012 (#)

Interesting indeed. Just think of PTC as a hobby and the pennies will add up. PTC definitely requires patience

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author avatar EasyWriter
3rd Jun 2012 (#)

Pennies do add up. Great article.

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author avatar Sergeantrom
3rd Jun 2012 (#)

They add quickly these days too! The advertising arena is big business.

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author avatar Iizzie
27th Sep 2012 (#)

Oh no, I didn't think so, most PTC and GPT, and whatever of this shit are rubbish.
They turned to scam site and the advertisers are scammer too. To all noobs, create your own product and stop dreaming, own your own company and at least be a scammer to a scammer. Thanks....

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author avatar Subrata
5th Apr 2013 (#)

I almost gave up but restarted clicking. Small money but I find it very interesting!

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