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This page is about Epinions, a site which pays you to write product reviews, and how my opinion of this site has changed in the last couple of months.


A few months back I wrote a article about the product review site Epinions, in my article I explained how hadn't had much success on this site and that I thought it was not very good. The reason I gave it such a hard time was because I work for two other sites which are extremely similar to Epinions, the only difference being I was being paid very well for these two other sites, and even though my reviews were to the same standard, Epinions was not paying me well at all for them. I can earn up to £3 for each of my reviews, yet on Epinions for the first five reviews I did, I had not even earned $1. Well I have now changed my opinion regarding Epinions, as I have now found it to be a much better site than I first thought, on my other sites I get paid straight away for my reviews, around £3 for each review, but then I do not get paid any thing else for what I have wrote. Whilst at Epinions the reviews I write never stop paying, each month, each review I write will generate me some revenue, so the more reviews I write then the more revenue I will generate for myself. So Epinions may not be a quick fix in earning money but I believe it is a site which in time should make me a fair bit of money, as long as I put the work in and write lots of product reviews.

What is Epinions

Epinions is a place people can go to get trusted product reviews on products they wish to know about, Epinions helps consumers to make a good and informed decision on whether or not to buy a certain product. It is the Epinions writers, normal people like you and me who provide this information, by writing product reviews on anything we have used or owned. It is completely free to become a Epinions writer, and every product review you write will earn you a share in the sites revenue's. Some reviews which you write will generate more revenue than others, there is not much point in writing a review on a product that fifty other people have written about, because there is not much chance of your review being read by consumers, and it is these readings that really makes you your money, so it is best to have a good look around the site and choose products which have not yet been reviewed.


My feelings have changed a lot about Epinions, and I owe them a very big sorry for saying there site is no good, because it is good, but like any other writing site online, you will have to put the work in, in order to be successful. I plan to work very hard on Epinions until Christmas, then I will re-evaluate my feelings about the site and write a new article about them. Epinions, worth giving a go I would say.

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