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I would say to people who are interested in making a little money online with Cash Back Sites, that it is much better to use the bigger more popular sites out their. Quidco is one such site and a place you can easily pick up a few hundred pounds a year with. If this sounds interesting to you, read on to find out more.

Cash Back with Quidco

If your looking to make some profit and free money online, then Quidco is one way to go about it. I have been looking for ways to make money and save money online for a few years now, and cash back sites are one concept which has worked pretty well for me. Doing this hasn't got me rich, but in just under three years I have earned around about a thousand pounds with Quidco, which for me money isn't bad.


Quidco has a massive amount of retailers and companies on their website for members to choose from. And the idea behind it is simple, buy things from retailers through Quidco's website, and get rewarded for doing so. The more you spend then the more you will earn it is as simple as that.

Mainly the rewards you earn for buying products are not that high, but they do offer other things which offer far greater rewards. You can get up 150 pound rewards by signing up for mobile contracts, booking holidays or taking out insurance such as pet insurance.

Is this a free service to use? Yes as with any good cash back site Quidco is free to use, I wouldn't sign up to any that are not free myself. but Quidco do offer a premium service, which will cost you five pounds a year. A small price to pay I think, when it greatly improves your service. Paying for premium will give you access to faster paying retailers, a better premium support system as well as loyalty bonuses. So I would say it is well worth the five pounds investment.

Free Money with Quidco

This site will not get you rich, so don't go giving up your day job just yet. But then this really is money for nothing. Like I said I have had about a grand in three years, just over three hundred a year. This hasn't made me rich, but put together with my other online earnings has given me a fair bit of extra cash each year. I class this as free money as I have made no purchases with Quidco, than purchases I was already planning on making. I haven't spent any more than I normally would but have gained a thousand pound out of them, and with pretty much no time wasted at all. Like I said free money.

Their are many cash back websites online now, and many are run by small companies. It can be dangerous to use these sites, as they have a habit of going broke and off line. If this happens, you can stand to loose all your earnings before you have the chance to redeem. That's why I think it is much better to use the bigger cash back sites around. Quidco is by far one of the biggest and most popular cash back sites around, in fact their is only one which can compete with it's popularity and that is the website TopCashback.

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9th Jul 2015 (#)

Thanks for the great advice.

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9th Jul 2015 (#)

thanks brenda

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9th Jul 2015 (#)

Interesting article micheal.

I have just stuck to survey sites so far, but thanks for sharing this info here.

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9th Jul 2015 (#)

glad to help thanks for the comment

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9th Jul 2015 (#)

I think this is for UK residents, thanks anyway for the share - siva

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