A most greivous oversight

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Public schools do not equip enough young people as to how to manage their own money.

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I'm speaking from experince when I say I didn't know the first thing about post dating a check until I bounced one that I had forgotten I had written for a dentist office years ago. I got hit with so many bank fees I could spit. I was amde I just didn't understand why they hadn't taken the money before or when I had it? Da, cause you gave them dates for the checks! It's your responsibility for the money to be in there when they take it. That was a hard lesson to learn and it 's an even harder lesson when you can't get out of credit card debt even though your paying more than the minimum sum. All ths was explained to me by my parent when I was ajunior in high school which led me to take consumer math as opposed to alegebra for my senior year to graduate. I figured I would need this math more and I thought it could't be as hard as maybe algebra was which it wasn't. I got a n "A". So my question was why weren't more students or young people taught this with emphasis. This is information your going to need so I thought. They emphasis really hard mathematics like trigonometry and geometry. To me if your not going to be an engineer why take those courses. College prep that's what everyone told me. Even so college studnets are the worst with their own finances and then it dawned on me. That's why they dont' give you thatcourse in school cause tey want you to go into debt as a young person. You already are as a college student right? The more people you owe the better your credit? That didn't seem feasible or fair to me. I wanted to write my congressman about these bogus degree programs that don't get you the best jobs but your still obligated to pay the U.S.Deptartment of Education once you graduate no matter what. Gosh! If I could take back a few years I\d really go ito financial advising. People need it. Too many people in debt up tot heir eyeballs and fee they have no way of getting out of it. Then again I have family that does that professionally and they still mismanage their own finances! Ha!


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