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My view is all HYIPs are the scams at last. of course, here i don't mean i'm opposed to all HYIPs. it seems that JBP is an exception and it has lasted for a 1 1/2 years, still working very well. so i even advised that my american weblover should join it. as a result, he wrote an email to pursuade me to give up HYIPs on purpose.

an email about earning money online

Recently my American web lover warned me not to be involved in earning money online any more. He asserted that all that would happen was that I would lose that money. he didn't want to see me investing in online things in order to make money fast., on the contrary, I should save whatever money I can right now.

So I specially wrote an email to him for explaining why I choose to do HYIP (High Yield Income Programs) all along.

Below is it.


I understand you. Maybe you're worrying about me so much. After all, it's a risky thing. And if I were you, I’ll not be involved in such distinct scams online. And even in china, there're also a lot of similar scam investment websites. I just ignore them.
But I have learned English for so many years. In the formal Chinese society, I have no way to make any connection with foreigners. Nobody knows I can follow English in reality. And I can't also see any foreigners in my living place! So in order to show my English talent, I’d rather choose to deal with a lot of foreign scammers online. Can you understand my disinclined situation? After all, the website scammers are welcoming and hunting all people from all over the world. They never " despise" and "abandon" anyone. And I’ll have many chances to chat with a lot of foreigners via these scam programmers about earning money online.
However, I can't make friends with these people engaged in programs online. Because I find that most of them are extremely cunning, even including my Germany sponsor who has ever helped me fund 50 dollar in my e-wallet. They just show you how much they can earn to tempt you, but never tell you how you should avoid the risk of losing money. You can never trust them, and let me tell you what kind of people involved in programs online they are. I once met a Vietnamese who claimed that he was a teacher in college of his country. (And regarding this point, I believe in him. after all, the Vietnamese speaking English should be good educated.) Another is from Pakistan who said that he was a young boss of clothes factory, getting his bachelor degree at 18 years old, and he is only 22 years this year. So unimaginable! The third is an American whose age is same as mine, also single--never married, living with a dog and a cat lonely in a big countryside house. I always jokingly call him as the father of puppy and kitty, and it seems he has not any objection to this title. and very funny, when you take the initiative to invite them to join a hyip (program online),they all can tell you that they've been the members in that program, and seeming so triumphant for having earned a lot of money in them. But when that programs collapse suddenly, they all say that they've never joined that program. Oh, my god, as crafty as a fox.

So it's the reason why I never want to give you up, even if you can't come to china for me all the time due to different reasons. I still regard you as my dearest person in this world. Because you're not in the circle of programs online, although I’m not as uninformed as several years ago when we met at first online. Now I can contact a lot of foreigners from different countries in programs online easily, I'm also becoming more and more confident in my ability of English communication. And they can help me verify the account, too. At that time, you were really the only American who would like to chat with me and help me verify my Google adsense account. So in a sense, I really should be grateful to hyips. Traditionally, it's a fact that the people from developed country are used to looking down on the people in developing country, paying no attention to us.

Don’t worry, I’m a careful person. All I do so is only to want to know more about the foreigners' world. I want to know how the foreigners live, think! It’s the only way for me to have relations with foreigners by means of HYIPs. In reality, I have no chance to meet any foreigners, absolutely without any chance!

So if you really go to my place, all local Chinese will be very very surprised! They will murmur, oh, my god, how can you come out?

And yesterday my credit card bank informed me that I’ll get an answer within 40 days on my dispute against that scam website via PayPal account of 300 dollar. I feel a little relieved. When I have the result, I’ll tell you.


yours sincerely.


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26th May 2014 (#)

From your post I find out how to invest money in standard hyip program. I be thankful for your effort on share this valuable information to everyone.

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