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Movie director Mike Todd (one of actress Elizabeth Taylor's husbands) said something to the effect of being broke is simply a stepping stone to the real riches, not a permanent residence. Well, I agree. With the right efforts, this is the real and honest truth about it all as you shall see, and I am seeing.

Here is where self-worth is:

Self-worth starts in the mind, or with a genuine self that consciously understands how to be a self. It is not in what you earn, have or look like. It is not even in your seeming results either. I know poverty is a scary place to be, and bad results are a bad thing to have. But, I always look at those realities this way: Persistence in good, bad and all is where self-worth is, and if immediate results do not matter, then, it is always ultimately good. If immediate results, trends and looks are all that matter, then it is ultimately bad like crashing the boat on shore purposely on the first sign of hurricane type winds. In fact, the words that genuinely comprise "I give up" are curse words to me because they say, there is no way to creatively succeed ultimately and creative success does not ultimately mean 'how many zeros can you fit behind that whole number from one to nine in your income either". But it does mean what can you do to change your approach after you seemingly fail this time?

Look, nobody is a failure who has genuine self-worth on an objective basis, meaning a full internally driven power and genuine desire to succeed, no matter what may come up. In fact, I can say that this is what is meant by wealth starts in the mind and in the spirit and nowhere else.

Beyond working in the coal mine

Creativity can come from the most unexpected places and make you successful in an expected way..

Some of the most pampered and expected successes have become some of the worst failures. Some of the worst failures and disastrous people have made some of the most creative turnarounds.

Napoleon Hill was a coal miner, yet, he wrote his works and became great. The key to that last sentence is the word, "became". To become takes essence and effort combined. Essence alone is just a dream. Effort alone is just work without reward. But those things combined are incredibly powerful.

Well, we finally get to the subject of this "current accounts" article

What does all I am writing have to do with current accounts? Well persistence without procrastination is good management when you think about it. That is one thing I am getting at. Also, the ultimate disaster is wrongly used resources no matter how good or "bottomless" the circumstances seem to be. Like I said above, essence alone is just a dream, and let me elaborate: Essence alone is just a dream like romance without finance or high ideals without bedrock principles to base them on. You can have a taste for wealth, but without a mentality that supports genuine essence wealth, management and objective self-worth that is filled with genuine and really effective effort it is like the beautiful, empty house that is not any use. Take a good guess at what all this has to do with current accounts. I can tell a story, but you can give it life by application.

After all, as I am writing, I am thinking of how I apply all that I am writing here in my own life, and I do. What would I be if I did not follow my own advice. In all honesty, I do not care what anyone thinks, I only care what works, really. What works is what succeeds, and is that not what anyone rational wants, success? I know that I want success and consistently good current accounts are success: Past, present and future.


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author avatar brendamarie
16th Sep 2015 (#)

I totally agree. Anyone can do anything if the work hard and keep at. Never giving up. As long as one is trying, I feel they are doing. Knowing when are where to find help when you need it. It doesn't matter how other see you it matter how you see yourself!!!!

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author avatar writestuff
16th Sep 2015 (#)

Agreed. Self worth and an ability to preserve is most important. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
18th Sep 2015 (#)

Awesome post!

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