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This article is about Ayuwage and PTC sites in general.


The PTC industry is a tough place to earn some decent money I think, I've heard of some people signing up to thirty or more of these sites and clicking all day in order to earn some money but this never works out how hoped because many PTC sites are unreliable and a lot are downright scams but there are the some good one's, PTC sites which have stood the test of time and have now been paying there members on a regular basis for years.

If you are thinking about making money with PTC sites then you should know that the only way your are ever going to make some cash with these sites is by getting direct referrals, if you can get a good few people to sign up to the PTC site you are using through your personal referral link then this can be away to earn some good money through PTC, each time somebody signs up under your referral link you will be entitled to a percentage of there earnings, so if you sign up a hundred people you will get a percentage of all there money.
I Tried lots of these sites in a bid to earn some cash but found most of them not very good but there is one PTC site which I still use today, this site has been online now for over three years and has been paying its members faithfully, this site is in my opinion and many others the daddy of the PTC world and its name is Ayuwage.

Neobux is another site which has been around along time and faithfully paying its members, Ayuwage and Neobux both offer Crowdflower tasks which is a great way to get the most out of these two sites.
Both sites pay into paypal you can cash out on Ayuwage when you have earned five dollars and the cash out on Neobux is ten dollars, these are the only two sites I found in the PTC world which allow you to earn a bit of money even without direct referrals.
Ayuwage is the best of not only these two sites but I think any other PTC sites around, I am yet to find one as good as Ayuwage, if you have the time to sign in a few times a day you can potentially earn some cash out of this site, and if you can get direct referrals then you could earn even more.
If you are using PTC sites as a way of earning money or thinking about using them then remember one thing, a lot of these sites don't start as scams but when they don't work out due to competition within the PTC industry, you could stand to lose your earnings so I would only join the ones which have been around for a while as they are a lot safer to use. After trying a lot of these sites Ayuwage is now the only one I use.


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author avatar Vaisakh
15th Apr 2014 (#)

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author avatar Siva
22nd Jul 2014 (#)

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author avatar Beth
7th Apr 2015 (#)

Hi, Steve. How do you get direct referrals?

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author avatar Anna
17th Aug 2015 (#)

What a mother fucking company Ayuwage is!
I opened 10 accounts on this site with 10 different Computers and made like 200 bucks.
And when I requested for cashout, they suspended my account.
They suspended my all accounts.
After 2 months of hard working on this site I got nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
They fucked with me.
They claimed that this is a legitimate site and they have been paying since 2009 on time without a fail.
But the truth is.....it's not a legitimate site anymore.
This fucking company doesn't pay anymore.
I'm telling y'all this fucking company will pay you only once.
And after that your account will get suspended.
Trust me, i'm telling the truth.
I've worked with this fucking company.
I can't believe what a mother fucking company Ayuwage has turned out!
So my fellow workers and my friends be careful of this fucking company.
This mother fucking company Ayuwage has turned out a big Scam.
The CEO and the Founder of this company, you both can go straight to Hell.
Please God curse'em.
Curse'em all.
This people are cheating on us.
They are playing with our lives.
Don't be so smart bastards, y'all will be cursed.
And hey! All the readers please excuse my language.
I know i've used a lotta bad words.
Well, normally I don't use this kinda words but this time I couldn't help it.
Cuz u know, Ayuwage has cost me a lot.
Anyway, thanks a lot for reading and be careful of Ayuwage.
Have a nice day, guys!
Take care. Bye bye.......

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