Banks in South Africa bully and abuse people

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Oh no. Marzeus was so happy with one of the banks he's at. First National Bank was overall good; since ever because of unjust laws by the Reserve Bank there was no way for South Africans to use Paypal. This basically completely excludes them from making money off the internet and keeps them in poverty.

Banks in South Africa bully and abuse people

But then FNB saw an opportunity; they negotiated something with the Reserve Bank and came up with an account (on which they will obviously pocket a lot) into which one, through a rather unnecessary ever-costing way can at least get some of your Paypal money.

But as usual a lot of things first have to make one angry. First of all, Marzeus who has a credit card account with them cannot just use his credit card account like all normal people in the world do when they use Paypal. First National Bank requires that you open a savings account with them for it.

This of course will now, in addition to the annual fee on his credit card, cost him just as much in monthly "admin" fee per year for this savings account.

Secondly, when Marzeus goes to First National Bank, they won't open the account if he doesn't provide proof of address. Now this is ridiculous, because first of all he already has an account with them and they don't seem to have a problem doing business with him through that. Why in the name of Christ should he provide a "proof of physical address" again to open an additional account which is only and solely for First National Bank's benefit?

Secondly he can't provide the proof they're asking for, because he lives way out on Tower Hills and they all get their mail in a mailbox in the city. None of their electric bills or anything use their physical address, but the postal address for the mailbox in the city instead.

But of course, there's no listening to his plea or reason or being reasonable from the bank's side. As always, bullying their customers is all they are interested in. They make it as hard as possible to do business.

Under huge, huge protest, Marzeus has to drive for half an hour to the other side of the city where another bank is that he uses, stand in line for another half an hour just to get a paper from them stating his physical address as two words: Tower Hills, which he could have just told those fucking bastards at First National but which they have on their records anyway, and then drive all the way back. And of course after all that time is unnecessarily spent, by that time First National Bank is closed.

Now Marzeus has to actually go back tomorrow. First National Bank made it a fucking two day suffering session just to open an account with them. It's absolutely pathetic. Banking in South Africa is a farce.

Marzeus now feels honestly that banks are the absolute most evil in the world, bullying the population and making them suffer immensely.

This all reminded Marzeus of the time when he and Uncle Hazel were to shoot his music videos in Israel and Marzeus had just driven 3 hours to the airport and was to board his plane shortly, when he tried to exchange a few rands for dollars at one of the exchange desks.

It was so easy for everyone from everywhere else - they just give the money and the desk clerk immediately gives them their money in another currency. But, comes a South African citizen like Marzeus to the exchange desk at, note, a South African airport, he has to provide proof or residence like he's a criminal.

WHAT IN THE NAME OF GOD???!!!!!!!! Where the hell is Marzeus supposed to get a proof of residence now when he's just about to get on a plane and he's far away from home? It's nighttime and there simply isn't 6 hours of time to do all that. Not that he was going to anyway.

They don't care. They just don't help any South Africans who don't give them proof of residence.

The fucking bitch who works at the counter, immediately even loses her professional smile and become this cross strict piece of shit as soon as Marzeus doesn't seem to have "proof of residence". She won't even discuss it further and just wants to continue on to the next customer. Whore, whoever you are, I hope you fucking die a horrible ugly death. I hope you get raped with a broken glass bottle. You are a piece of shit, you evil shit piece of bitch. May death come to you in a most horrible fashion.

For what was this "proof of residence"? Are they coming to visit Marzeus at home or something?

No. It's all just senseless bullshit solely to bully and discriminate against South Africans. So what if I gave somebody else in line from another country, a few dollars to exchange for me? How would that be any different? It wouldn't, except for some reason anybody else from any country can simply hand the money over and get other money in return, but South Africans are completely and totally discriminated against for no reason.

It is absolutely pathetic how South Africans are being exploited, bullied and abused by banks and any money institutions. I wish we could get a true leader who would stand up and abolish all the discrimination against South Africans, and if banks refuse to co-operate, to found new banks to cater for South Africans and actually help them become economically successful instead of trying to always rape them financially and dignity-wise.

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