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These days we can see many autopilot systems out there with are ready for people and let the make money online easier, today we want to learn more about these systems and whether day are legit or scam...

About Autopilot Systems

First of all let us change an old vision about autopilot passive income systems.
These systems are not gambling, these systems are not wasting money, these systems are not Paypal or Clickbank hacking systems.
These systems need some work and these are not 100% passive(Actually all passive systems need some active movements).
Now an example of autopilot passive income:
A true Clickbank passive is a package which contain some promotional tools like some super impressive articles about 2 or 3 or more Clickbank products and a email sending system(which usually need extra cash) and in many cases 1000 subscriber or more(I usually suggest people not to buy subscribers and I'll tell you why in my next article).
With that package you can make a good amount of money because you have high quality promotional tools and you have a email service and also subscribers. With true linking between them(which is the active part) you can make thousands of dollars.
*Note*: There are many systems which are scam and just get your money and then never give you anything else so before buying one of them read peoples reviews about them.

Why Should We Make Our Own Autopilot System?

Because after some time a lot of people attack to a direct system and there will be a lot of affiliate marketers who are working on it so that client must be divided between more people. For example there is 100000 clients for this system and at first year there are only 100 affiliate marketers but if this system work good in next years there will be 1000 or 10000 marketers so that amount of clients must divided between these people.
But if we make it ourselves and get 1000 clients all of them are for us and no other competitor is there to get your market.
But how I make my own Autopilot System?
Well I'm sorry cause I can't help you on this one and you must find it yourselves because people are different and their visions are different so in this case everyone must find his/her way by him/her self. :)
*If you had any question please put a comment for me*


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
10th Oct 2015 (#)

Does Auto-pilot work on a crowded road or does it stall and you take over manually???
Truth is Auto-pilot NEVER WORKS in a crowded place and that is the only reason why the airline technology of using it is done as planes, brand dependent are given their zones/sectors to fly and no one else can fly in that sector during the stipulated time as it results in crashes. Now when auto-pilot is used, it is because it has a clear road ahead and a manual pilot is only vigilant to make sure all is running smooth everywhere and disengage if required for safety.
I do think the missing plane that hasn't been found had a faulty auto-pilot and the pilot never disengaged quick enough, resulting in the crash that took all the lives with them. Now try using that with what you have written and you see, that nothing is secret as traffic control in the heavens and the radar maintenance experts inclusive of traffic cameras have already noted your face and presence on the route as well as the frequency of travel and made a note of it.
I never do auto banking, we a victim of fraudulent use of account that was picked up by the police and and under investigation. Result is total shutdown of the banking network to prevent theft and other criminal activities. That was on auto detection aka BOT promotion just like Drone Services showing breach of privacy.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
12th Oct 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
4th Nov 2015 (#)

Technology making things easier and complex too.

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author avatar Mehdi RF
4th Nov 2015 (#)

Of course it does

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