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I am a firm believer that,when you look good you feel good.So I'm just trying to help others find self love,Because when you have inner peace,it shows from the inside out,Plus a little make-up every now and then doesn't hurt either.But some of us try to look so good we end up breaking the bank,So I am here to offer some helpful tips and products you can use right in the comfort of your own home,so you can look gone with the wind fabulous.

Hair in a hurry

Some of us have to keep up with the hustle and bustle of day to day life,and we dont always have time to wash or style our hair, nor the money sit in a stylist chair. But we want a quick fix so we want to rush to the nearest store and buy dry shampoo at 4.99 and up.When we have powder right at home in the cabinet. Baby or talcum powder can kill two birds with one stone.If your hair is very oily or you need to add some volume to limp roots a few shakes of powder through your strands will soak up the excessive oil.and a few shakes at the roots will pump up the volume.or if your pressed for time and need a quick hair style add a few shakes of powder and a few squirts of spray gel,manipulate your hair a little bit and you have a textured beach wave look in no time.

Boring Eyes get Bold

We all love eyes that pop,and all the makeup artist recommend gel eyeliners,because they go on smooth and are high in pigment,so we head to makeup counters and retailers everywhere,trying to find the perfect eyeliner. When all we have to do is dig through our makeup bags find an eyliner pencil run a little flame over the lead to soften it and bam, sultry smoky eyes in an instant.

Back to the Basics with baked bronzer/shadow

Don't you hate when you have spent all your time trying to find the perfect baked bronzer or shadow,and then when you pick it up to use it,It's broken into a million pieces on the bathroom floor.You panic thinking your gonna haver to throw it a way and cough up another 7-10 dollars for another one.Not anymore, if u have paper towels and rubbing alcohol.You take your paper towel and dip it in the alcohol bottle,place it lightly on your shadow or bronzer and pat lightly until it returns to it's original cosistency ,and put something with a flat surface on top of your container leave it there for an hour and your baked bronzer/shadow is good as new.

Super Soft Skin and a mind at ease

If you want super soft skin,and you dont want to worry about some of the harmful toxins found in name brand products today,I sugggest you look in your cabinets,you can make great exfoliants and pamper yourself with a nice luxurious bath with simple household items,some of my go to ingredients are ,ground coffee,olive oil,milk,honey oatmeal and banana's.
If you want to energize your body and exfoliate your skin you can mix 2 to 3 tabelspoons of coffee to 2 to three tablespoons of honey until it forms a paste and create a wonderful scrub.
If your having dry skin and you want to have a softer more youthful appearance you can add a cup of dry oatmeal to1 mashed banana and add a few drops of water until u form a paste.Pat it on your face leave it until it hardens,it makes a great face mask.
After a long day at work a glass of wine, good music, and a nice hot bath are the perfect way to unwind.And you dont have to have a brand name foaming bath soak or salts to do it all you need is milk ,Olive oil or both if your skin is feeling super dry.
You let your bath water run and underneath it you pour a cap full of milk or a cap full of Olive oil or depending on the condition of your skin.or how you fill,Add both sit back and relax,or daydream about the possibillities.


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good article, very interesting

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Thank You!

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