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I recently became a Spider, yes you heard me right a Spider. I became a Spider when I joined the website SpiderMetrix which is a Australian paid survey panel, which is open to international user's. When you become a Spider for this site, you are basically one of there panelist's, and can take surveys for cash. Read this article to find out what I think of this paid survey panel, and whether or not I think it is a good place to earn whilst taking surveys online.

SpiderMetrix site details

I thought I had found all the paid survey panels available to me months ago. I was thinking that I am now signed up to so many, there can't be many left but since then I have consistently carried on finding more. Something tells me I haven't finished just yet either, as in the last two nights I have found four more and signed up them. One of the sites I found not that long ago was SpiderMetrix, so I signed up for them and became a spider on there site.

SpiderMetrix is operated and run by a company called MicroFlex Pty, Ltd, this is a Information and Technology Business which is based in Melbourne Australia and started in 1984. This company state that they are not a massive firm but just a modest small business team, made of just a few dedicated professionals.

SpiderMetrix is a free paid survey panel to join, and although this is a Australian website, people from other countries can also join. I know for a fact people from New Zealand, Canada, U.S and the UK can join but I do think others are welcome too. This is a very unique paid survey panel, and unlike any others I have joined and used. The whole set up of the site has it's own personality, and with it's theme of it's user's becoming spiders rather than panelist, this gives it, it's different style. The site is very easy to join, you give them your name and email address, then verify a link that is sent to you by way of email. Once you have verified yourself as a Spider on the site, it is then time to fill in a few profile questions about yourself. The profile questions with SpiderMetrix are very quick and easy to do, taking no longer than a couple of minutes to complete but they will help the site match you to the appropriate surveys for you.

Earning with SpiderMetrix

So far I have found the surveys available with this site, to be so quick and easy it is unreal, a lot of the time, you just have to answer one simple question and you will be awarded with a point. SpiderMetrix does work on a reward system, and for the surveys you take for them, you will be given points, how many points will depend on the length of the survey you take. Like I said one question surveys get you a point, and longer surveys will get you more points. There are three different ways you can cash in your points with this site, either in Amazon Vouchers, cash into Paypal or by getting gifts straight off their site. Or if taking paid surveys online is no about cash to you, you can always donate your earnings to charity.

In the time I have been on this site I have yet to actually see any gifts on there, so Amazon and Paypal is your best bet when receiving your earnings. For Amazon Vouchers you will need 200 points for a $30 dollar Voucher, it will change to pounds at the current exchange rate if you reside in the UK. If you want cash, there quickest redeem option is 300 points, which will get you $50, or the equivalent too for UK user's. I have not been with SpiderMetrix long enough to cash out just yet, so I can't give you my opinion regarding that. Although I have done some research on the site, and there are a couple of people complaining about having there accounts frozen with no explanation.

The truth is this could be down to either cheating or a mistake, if your answers don't match answers you have already given or don't match your profile, then sites like this will freeze you out, as they want truthful and honest opinions, as that is what market research is all about. In my opinion, this site looks legit as it is run and operated by a real and legit business firm, who have worked with large corporations around the world. Saying that don't expect to much from them, I know from my time spent on the site that this is far from being one of the best paid survey panels out there for earnings but I would say it is worth signing up to for dedicated survey takers, looking for more panels to add to there list.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
26th Sep 2014 (#)

Awesoem tip Michael, I will try it out as the ones you suggested Zoom panel and my survey!

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author avatar micheal
26th Sep 2014 (#)

okay fern, hope it all goes well for you.

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author avatar writestuff
28th Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks for tip. Will try out soon.

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author avatar spirited
30th Sep 2014 (#)

yes Michael this site is not one of the better sites though to my mind. I have been with them many years and are yet to get a payout.

Invariably the bigger surveys, you are not suited for. Too many restrictions here for my liking too slow too accumulate the big points.

They hardly ever send you surveys by email either.

A better Australian site is mint surveys, I am not sure if its open to internationals though

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