Being Blessed to be a Blessing: Sun Stand Still for us ALL

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This is a huge shift that could change life as we know it. Why has no one taken this on yet? Maybe I have a limited and naive view, but I don't think the concept is impossible at all. It would take work, it would take listening very deeply to God/Spirit and a community ready for change and willing to do what it takes to be a global community.

If I Won the Lottery

In my state of monetary lack I have like many turned back to the “what if” and “why not me?” thoughts about the lottery. I have been getting investing information coming at me from all different places out of nowhere lately. Here is what I would do if I won the lottery:

First thing I would do is pay for my husband to get the implant pain receptor blocker.

Second, and this has been something I have hashed out with my ego but it is right, I would give some to the church. Before you judge one way or the other, I do believe the church I am going to is sincere. They are focused on helping others. The money would be well taken care of.

HOME at Last

Third, set up my parents by building the house they tried to build while I was growing up but never got to finish and enough to retire on. They deserve this 10 fold. They always help others. Even to their detriment, they are the most altruistic people I know.
Next, pay off my student loans and those of my husband, my sister and my sister in-law’s. If I won a huge amount, buy a house for my sisters (both sister in-laws and my biological sister) and one for my brother. Also, I would gift money to my cousin. She has been a single mom for a long time and always struggled. I would also buy a house for my grandmother.

Yes, I would have to win BIG! And it is not paid all at once, I know. That is where investing and smart spending come into play.

I do not need much to be happy. Personally, a house I own with a pool my only large request. I would keep my vehicles believe it or not as they are still good cars. I would just fix them up and make sure they are running well. Maybe a new car and then give the fixed ones to someone in need, but really they are not bad cars for the time being. I have never owned a new car, so maybe I would bend on that one…I have lived with a serious lack in my life. It has been over a year since I bought clothes for myself and my kids got one outfit new for school thanks to my in-laws generosity. I would make sure we have our needs caught up. Needs to live comfortably without lack no huge bling needed here.

Spread the LOVE

The only other desire I have is better photography equipment and to travel. I would not stop doing the work with photography that I do. I love it too much! The traveling here is the twist. I have been getting really strongly that I am here to be God’s hands (which we ALL are). I have had dreams of being in foreign countries bringing food to the children there. Yes, you can do this without winning the lotto, but it was that winning that funded the trip in my dream. This could also be something I work to create in the future, to be one of those who just does these things, travel and try to help where I can, taking pictures and bogging and raising funds that way. But how amazing would it be to have the money to just go bless people? It is not a life of luxury I am talking about. It would be hard work but oh so amazing!

It is not just in other countries this is needed. I would love to be able to be that hollow reed for His glory not mine to travel and bless families in need across the USA. I have spent my time in the welfare office. There are homeless here who sleep on the streets just like everywhere. Just bringing a box of food to them is not enough to cure this social sickness. A huge shift is needed.

Change from the Inside Out

So that brings me to my thought why has this never been done before? How many millionaires are made with the lottery every year? How many rich people who may give a little to charity but have so much more they could give but they don’t? I am not talking giving it all away. You have to be smart about it as well. Intelligent investments can not only grow and sustain what you have but can infuse the economy in the right way to be working a change from that side as well. Think about it. What if someone took this challenge on? To tackle the monetary imbalance from the inside out?

As I get closer to God, it seems I can hear him weep about this. Some actually have the power RIGHT NOW to illicit this change. Why has no one really tried? I don’t think it would collapse our system. On the contrary, the correct investments would turn it around and could have the potential to create a utopian life for all of us. What works could be done if money went to the right hands? Businesses that would employ people to get things done that sit left undone… and those things would make ALL of our lives richer. It is possible, think about it.

So, I tend to get utopian in my thoughts, but WHY NOT??? Why do we settle for lack? Why do we just talk and not ban together to change things? There are movements I know that are doing huge things. There are people reaching out and helping in any way they possibly can. But I am talking a BIG shift. Enough hungry families, enough people who cannot find a job just to live and yet others glut and drive by in their convertibles sure all of us peons just deserve what we don’t get.

Spark the Flame

I would LOVE to be that hollow reed as the catalyst. It would NOT be all me, it would not be any of me just that I bought the ticket. There is a community I would be working with, a team building behind the scenes that has been set in place eons ago. Why is it not possible? I am a starter, an initiator that is what I do. I can be a workhorse, I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. But I do not know investing and I do not know accounting beyond the small time business that I have done. It does not matter; these jobs are not mine to do. But I could be a spark….

Can you imagine? Would you put your energy, your prayer, and your thoughts behind a movement such as this? Maybe it doesn’t even need to be me as the spark, no matter. I want to live a life that is not always on the edge of poverty. I do not need to be in control of this, I would be happy if it happened through another and just to be a part of it. Just give my family enough to live a life where we are not struggling and pay me to come be a workhorse for God’s call! So it is not my ego invested here. It is bigger than me. So much bigger than all of our egos this dream.

I am sure there are doubters, those who see me as crazy lost in fantasy. OK, tell me. Give me the flaws in this plan. There are details to be worked out for sure. Hit me. Tell me what you think! Let’s just go out on a limb here and suspend disbelief. Even in logic, people win the lottery all the time. This is not some fantasy gift from aliens. It is HOW YOU USE IT that is the key.

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