Best Paying Affiliate Networks that I have worked with

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Finding the best affiliate networks online is easy. You just need to give it a few hours of your time and make a research with affiliate networks review and you are good to go.

Best Paying Affiliate Networks for me

I am not as good as other successful affiliate marketers out there but I do make some money creating wordpress site and adding my affiliate links in it. There are lots of affiliate networks that pays good to their affiliates and offers good customer support. Here I will list those that I have tried to run on few my websites.

Affiliate Window - Affiliate Window offer their publishers with targeted country advertisers like USA, UK, Canada and Ireland. Although this affiliate network is focusing on providing their publishers with UK advertisers they still manage to get some companies from other main countries in the west. For USA they got about 100+ advertisers, Canada 100+ advertisers, Ireland 100+ advertisers, and about 1000+ for their UK advertisers including companies that targets global offers like Expedia and many more. My experience with them was good. I even earned £95 just in 1 day when I make a sale with Expedia and other few advertisers. My only problem in getting commission from them is because I don't have an International Wire Transfer account. But I do get paid in some other ways, just send an email to their support and they are there to help you, answer your questions as fast as they can.

MaxBounty - MaxBounty is a CPA network that has a lot of offers to promote. On Maxbounty you don't need to make a sale to get or earn a commission. All you need to do is gather leads, make your visitors sign up through your offers where they just need to input their emails and then you make money. This is called email submit and once your visitor is making a move then you will earn approximately $1.60 - $2.50 per action. So if you have a blog with more than 1000 visitors per day, then try adding some banners or links for them to add their email and you might get 20% of your visitors to join your offers and you make atleast 200 conversion per day or about $300+ per day. I have already made $200+ on Maxbounty and was thinking of some other ways to make more with them. They do pay on time and you wont be having problems with them as long as you are a legit and honest publisher and not doing cheats.

Commission Junction - There are lots of offers on commission junction. They are there few years ago offering publishers great advertisers to make money. Even though I am not a commission junction publisher anymore I do make money with them when I was with them. I made $130 from them and they send me a check. Although its hard for me to exchange the check because I am from asia and I need to create a dollars account to exchange my check. I still have the check and haven't exchanged it yet. The checks date was December 2012.

Linkshare - In my experience linkshare has variety of USA advertisers they do have some advertisers like other countries too like UK, Canada, and Australia. But I only earned $8 from them back in 2012. I stopped working with them when I make 6 sales selling Airline tickets and they canceled 5 sales and makes me go mad and stop working with them. So, I don't have any clue if they pay or not but based on other marketers Linkshare is a good affiliate network company.

Amazon - I still remember that day when I make a sale with amazon. That was April 25, 2012 and that was my first sale with them as they are my first affiliate network. Using a account I created a store and put items like Michael Kors bag. I created that site on April 22, 2012 and I make a sale right away by spreading my blog on stumbleupon social site. And I was very happy with that. My first sale? It's about $65 for 1 bag. But that was when was separated from them and they gave 15% sale commission. But now they already merge with amazon and only pays 4% - 7% per sale.

So if you are into some affiliate marketing be sure to chose the network that you are going into. Don't cheat and you wont be having problem with these networks. Happy Earnings!!

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