Best ways to enjoy the life while saving money

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If you are a stay-home-mom and you and your spouse have to take care of the spending a whole big family with several kids, you must wonder if there are some ways to help you save money effectively each day, without sacrificing the good living quality. This summer, you may start with the following steps as to save money for you and your family:

Best ways to enjoy the life while saving money

Tip No.1 – Collect the loyalty cards of each shop you often visit.

Nowadays, a lot of grocery stores or big shopping malls offer their clients some point-accumulative member or loyalty cards. By exchanging your accumulated points on the cards, you can get some free products, gift certificate or even cash refund on your next purchasing. If you always visit the same shops, you’d better not miss collecting points from them and get some free gifts or discount from them.

However, you have to aware that you collect points for not losing the future shopping advantage you actually deserve, but you should never do unnecessary shopping as to accumulate more points.

Tip No.2 – Even you hold enough cash in hand, but pay your bills by your credit card.

When you pay your bills by credit card, it always allows you to pay the amount back the credit card company in 30 or 45 days. While you can pay the bills by credit card, why don’t you keep the actual cash in your saving account during one month to get the interest you deserve and pay the amount back to the credit card company on time in 1 month without paying any interest? Some people say, the present interest rate in banks is quite low and it seems meaningless to gain several dollars of interest each month. Well… have to understand that each 100 dollars is composed of a lot of 1 dollar. If you do want to save money, you should try to save each penny you can.

Of course, it’s the same logic like using the loyalty cards: you should never pay for some unnecessary stuff even your credit card can help you save some money.

Tip No.3 – Share the books, CDs or DVDs with your friends and relatives.

Don’t you notice that sometimes after we finish reading a book, we always leave them on the bookshelves and we may never touch it any more? While the book stays quietly on your bookshelves, its value can’t increase any more. Therefore, why don’t you try to share or exchange your used books or magazines with your friends and relatives and get back some free books or magazines to read? Besides books, you can always share your CDs or DVDs with your friends as to get some free CDs and DVDs to enjoy on your weekends. In this way, you can save a lot from purchasing entertainment materials.


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Money saving tips are evergreen tips for every body, thanks for sharing

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Thank you for this interesting post.

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