Best ways to save money on your air conditioning costs

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Searching how to save money on air conditioning costs doesn’t need to be difficult. It is more a matter of finding alternatives to keep your house cool and buying an air-conditioning system which is efficient for your house.

Best ways to save money on your air conditioning costs

As the summer months approach temperatures rise and air conditioning helps make homes more comfortable. Summer is a wonderful time it is common to see your electricity bills rising from the time the air-conditioning system is turned on.

The easiest way to save money is turning off your air-conditioning but this is very difficult and it is almost impossible to live without in regions that tend to experience very high temperatures and humidity. The temperatures and humidity can be so high that it is difficult to breathe without an air-conditioning system.

Searching how to save money on air conditioning costs doesn’t need to be difficult. It is more a matter of finding alternatives to keep your house cool and buying an air-conditioning system which is efficient for your house.

First of all, the size of the room and also the size of your air conditioning unit are important factors to consider when you are shopping for a window air conditioning unit. It makes no sense to buy the most powerful unit if it will be used in a small room. You will spend more money because the unit of your air conditioning has to work too hard.

Another important factor when you buy an air conditioning system is the Energy star rating. You can best consider buying one with a SEER number (seasonal energy efficiency rating) of at least 13 and consider a higher rating in hot climates. The unit may cost more but in the long run your expenses will be much lower.

Your air conditioning system is likely one of your highest electricity consumers and if you have one with this rating you can lower your expenses with 14% when compared with the standard models. If you have an old air conditioning system, you can consider replacing this one with a better SEER rating.

There are several other factors which may help you to save money on air conditioning costs. It is recommended to install a programmable thermostat where you can change the temperature if you leave home or other circumstances which can be useful and benefit your electricity bill.

It is best to turn on your air-conditioning early in the morning when hot weather and extremely humidity is expected. You avoid your air conditioning system having to work extremely hard and boost your consumption of electricity. It is also a good idea to set your thermostat higher if you leave home to avoid unnecessary cooling. You are better off setting it back lower if you return back.

It is best to take actions to keep your house as cool as possible. Planting shade trees and shrubs around your house may help you to keep your house cooler and certainly on these sides where you experience most warmth of the sun, so likely the side where the sun gives most warmth in the afternoon. It is helpful to keep curtains, windows and doors closed to avoid the warmth of the sun will increase the temperature in your house.

Maintenance of your air conditioning system is really important. It is best to call an expert a few weeks before the hot season will arrive. Your serviceperson can clean your system and replace parts if necessary. It is useful to replace the filter every month during these hot months.

Checking air leaks in your house is also important. These leaks can cause your air conditioning system needs to work too hard. It is best you seal up these leaks and fill the gaps which can cause too much warmth comes into your house. Colors may also be important in your house. It is maybe best to choose dark colors for the exterior and light colors for the interior of your house. You best choose a reflective tint for your windows because these absorb the warmth.

There are several ways which can help you lower your air conditioning costs. The wind is a natural phenomenon and can help you to reduce your expenses. It is best you open two opposite windows and you will feel the cross breezes which can cool your house down drastically and it may be possible you can turn off your air conditioning system.

There are several appliances which cause heating and if possible turn them off if you don’t need them. For example the lights, your computer, television, DVD player and many other electric appliances that generate heat can be turned off when not in use. You can’t probably avoid using an air-conditioning system to live comfortable in the warm months and you may experience breathing problems without one, but it is certainly possible to cut down expenses and you can use this money for other purposes.

Long-term thinking is important, maybe a new investment will cost you much money but you can save in the long run. Remember Benjamin Franklin’s words “A penny saved is a penny gained”.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
6th Jun 2010 (#)

All good tips, my favorite way to keep my home cool is by having large shade trees in my yard.

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