Betty Banks

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Marzeus is angry. He really feels that he shouldn't have to go to all of this trouble because of a fault that ABSA Bank made, yet if he's to see his money again, he'll just have to. It would appear an employee at ABSA stole his money and now everybody keeps covering for each other and ignores his complaint.

Betty Banks

Marzeus calls the branch where he had gone to as instructed to have had his money paid out. He asks for the person who handles investment accounts. He explains his entire story to the lady they put him through. And then, she simply says she thinks he was with the other investments person at this bank; she'll put him through.

Darn. Now he'll have to explain the entire issue again.

Apparently it was this Betty who paid out his money, but she doesn't remember him either. Wow, big surprize. It seems suddenly nobody knows anything whatsoever that has to do with this case.

Patiently Marzeus explains the whole situation again from the start. And when Betty is done listening, she requests that Marzeus send her everything he just said in an email so she has it in writing.

So, after this call he starts writing. Takes quite a while, and he's trying hard not to make it sound too much like an angry-letter for fear that they may not feel like helping an angry person. But there's not really any other way to put it. He's fuming mad about having been treated like this, and having a bank silently steal his money and then apparently being quite unable to be accountable for it.

Finally he sends the email. Later on she forwards him her forwarding of his letter to two other people, with her message asking who she can talk to about this.

And then, days pass. No response. A week later, Marzeus calls her again. She assures him she's "on the case", and that somebody should phone Marzeus within a few days.

They don't.

Things aren't looking good for our friend who was unfairly robbed of his money. He gets no response from them whatsoever.

It is then that Marzeus turns to the website of the Banking Ombudsman...

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Nice sharing of experience.. thanks.

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