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The Friday after Thanksgiving is such a complete opposite as the reason we have a holiday season at all and yet, many still participate in the yearly craze.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the name given to the Friday following Thanksgiving that many retailers offer some of their best deals to customers willing to fight crowds of crazed people that are wanting the same deal they are. it is a day of long lines and much shopping madness that has led to fist fights between shoppers and even has led to people being trampled when a store opens the doors to the shoppers.

I believe that it is called Black Friday as there is really nothing good that comes from the day except that some shoppers are able to get that perfect deal. However, many shoppers spend too much money and many are attacked as they shop.

Shoppers Preparations

Many shoppers actually spend time on Thanksgiving Day planning their shopping attack. Hours before they will head out the door, they have researched what items are on sale in what stores and at what price. Items are listed per store on a list and times are especially important as many sales are strictly for 4-5 hours.

If there are more than one or two items in a store that the shopper needs, they may go with a friend in order for one friend to look for two items while someone else is looking for the other items. Many times, there will be an entire group of shoppers entering the store together, but only to get a few items. Each person could be assigned one area of the store to shop. This way, they are able to grab more deals in each store and could possibly make the shopping more efficient.


Why would anyone fight the long lines and crowds of crazed people to shop on day like this? I really can't explain that. However, with the cost of many items going up on a daily basis and a search for the hottest new electronic gadget, it seems that people are constantly looking for a bargain and that is what the sales are for. The stores seem to know items that will be hot sellers and so they are sure to put them on sale.
There are many dangers associated with the sales. Many times there are fist fights and arrests made for battery with shoppers that have gotten too out of hand. Also, many times people have been trampled in the mad rush to enter the store.
You would think that many people would have learned that the season is more important than the shopping and the one deal of the day.

Why It Seems So Wrong

With the season of thanksgiving and the spirit of Christmas being in the air, it seems that this type of crazed shopping would stop. The holiday season is supposed to be one of peace and love. There is no peace or love shown to the shoppers that have stood in line for hours waiting for the stores to open. It also seems that the shoppers forget that peace on earth and in the stores is necessary. Whatever, their reason for being in the mess, they are sure to think that they must get that last electronic gadget, or whatever the item is.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
29th Nov 2014 (#)

People go crazy, often buying things they do not need but have been brainwashed into thinking they should have just because the price is low.
Better to shop at small businesses anyhow not the big chains, that is what my wife and I are trying to encourage. Also do not buy junk

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author avatar WOGIAM
29th Nov 2014 (#)

This concept is also gaining a following here in the UK, from reports, it seemed yesterday was a success.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
29th Nov 2014 (#)

Great article. I have never shopped on black Friday. I just don't like the whole concept. I like Mark's idea. It makes a lot more sense to me.

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