Budget and Quality at The Sametime!!

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now that the economic crisis keeps on buckling up , who says you cant get in touch with the latest trends, in small budget!! being a fashionable who says its just for the rich !!!?ones
its just a matter of being creative,and at the same time the matter of adjustment of being practical.... read my stuff !!! just wanted to share!!

Budget and Quality at The Sametime!!

Now a days that the economic crisis keeps on buckling up , its getting more and more necessary to get more practical rather than the usual way of life, usual way of spending that we used to have before,in smaller countries like the Philippine’s being sale friendly is one of the most best solution to these worldwide dilemma…..

But there's been some saying that it was not often indulging our self to a friendly budget products, in order to save money, because some says cheaper price often cause some cautions that leads to a harmful health …

some mom says before buying the product , you must read the label first, see all the good and harmful effects that it can bring , when were taking it into our body, when your talking about foods, and some times consulting a doctor for some medical question when it comes to some delicate situation before buying the said product….

But what about to some product that we often used?like shirt, pants , according to some fashionista’s it was not necessary to often buy the new and authentic good in order to impress people ,to look good ,.. if you can create from a scratch..!! now a days re model ling the old ones , recycling is getting in the fashion world!!

I remember one time seeing a lady friend wearing a nice top dress , i ask her what kind of brand it was and how much that it costs ? she just said “no honey it was not a brand new dress i bought it in a second hand store” …!

Surprisingly she said” i can be a fashionable even if im not buying the authentic goods its just a matter of mix and match”its not the dress they were going to look after all ,its all about how are this going to be brought up and how are you going to feel about your self wearing this dress,…

so i was really surprise !! by her …..theres another thing , what about to some inner products that were using everyday , the lotion. the soap, even some perfumes !

Taking from my own experience im taking it from my body of course ,if it fits in my skin type, some times im looking on the label too if it can really protect my skin from harmful residue outside ..sometimes before buying the said product , im really testing it!! if its really good for the skin !!

analyzing all the said issues , feeling good about yourself can be done in a more practical way , but on the other side too we can never set aside our lust ,, !!

Now a days thinking only about our selves is been our main objective, but i guess the world, as well as our economy , and our country has their own lives too ,no matter how much we tried to ask them to stopped all the higher outcome for their products ,, their having a hard time too!… but like what they often said!being practical its just a matter of adjustment!! !

Read more: http://quazen.com/shopping/clothing/budget-and-quality-at-the-sametime/#ixzz1MWRScf7o


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author avatar Denise O
18th May 2011 (#)

I have found a lot of nice clothes in a second hand shop for my daughter over the years. Also I try to hit yardsales. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar sweety_143
20th May 2011 (#)

your welcome madame,thank you too for always reading my piece

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