Budgeting Ideas: How to Keep Cool for Less Money

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Saving you money on your water, gas or electricity is something that we all would like to do. So what's stopping you, get saving now.

Staying warmer (or cooler) for less

For many families, cooling costs in the summer increase their electric or gas bill by as much as 75%. For a larger home, this means that a family can spend hundreds of pounds a month just on cooling their house. Instead of wasting so much money, try these five tips instead.

1. Start by turning off any light fixtures, appliances, and electronics when no one is using them. In addition to saving money on your power bill, turning off these types of devices cuts down on the ambient heat that they produce. A home’s air conditioner has to work harder to produce cool air that will counteract this heat. It’s also a good idea to use large appliances, especially the clothes dryer, at night when the temperature is lower. Ideally, limit your use of these appliances as much as possible.

2. At least two times a year, check the weather stripping around the windows, doors, and any other points where air can enter the home. Replace any stripping that is worn out, missing, or torn. Weather stripping kits are sold in home improvement stores and generally require no tools to install.

3. Think about the temperature that the house is typically kept at. During the summer season, raising the temperature of an average house by about four degrees can save a typical family nearly 15% off their power bill. Getting a family to agree to such a drastic temperature change can be fairly difficult, so instead of making the change all at once, increase the temperature by about one degree a week. Most people will not notice a temperature shift this slight, and each degree the temperature is increased will save about 4% off an electric bill. Many people choose to keep increasing the temperature like this throughout the summer until their system no longer turns itself on.

4. If a family decides on the maximum temperature they can live with, but they still need to lower their cooling costs, consider the purchase of a programmable thermostat. These devices don’t take a lot of experience to install, but they can significantly lower a cooling bill. Program it to raise the temperature during the day when everyone is at school or work. By having it start lowering the temperature thirty minutes before everyone gets home, the family will never notice a difference, but the family’s energy bill will be lower.

5. Finally, there are a lot of ways to make a house feel cooler without running a central AC system. If most activity happens in just one room, it is possible to buy a one room AC system (commonly known as a window box unit). Running this system will be a lot cheaper than running a whole house system. If the temperature isn’t too high, running a fan will be even cheaper.

If all else fails, look for places to go with air conditioning. While cooling systems can be expensive to run in a home, they are usually free in public buildings.


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