Buying Things Made In Your Own Country Is Very Satisfying

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Not Many Things Are Made In My Country Nowadays But Whenever I Find Something, It Is Time To Celebrate!

Poor Quality Shoes Have Made Me Buy British

Cheap shoes and boots are all well and good but we are paying more for less, with the exception of a really good pair of real suede boots I bought from M&S, only to find out they were made in China and let the water in.

This prompted me to go on an online mission to find a site that makes shoes and boots right here in the UK. Amazingly, such a company exists and is based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire.

The name of the company?


I first came across their products in a shop in Cleveleys. There was a big fat Union Jack above the boots and it was the first time I came to realise that this company was British. I had no idea! At the first opportunity I looked online for the company and, thankfully, it does exist and it is indeed BRITISH! Some shoes are made abroad but most of them are made right here in England.

I took the plunge and bought some Loganberry (purple to you and me) Pixie boots from the site two days ago. They arrived today in perfect condition with a proud label saying "Made in England" on the inside.

To say I am ecstatic at owning some home-made footwear for a change is an understatement. Clarks are a shadow of their former selves now that most (if not all) of their shoes and boots are now made abroad, in weird places like Vietnam and I cannot help thinking that they may even be sweat shops, something that makes me feel very uncomfortable as I doubt the workers get much of the extortionate prices Clarks now charge for their shoes. The quality has gone down, the leather is not the same and I refuse to go in the shop now. It looks like many people are staying away so I cannot see Clarks surviving for much longer. Serves them right for moving production abroad. I know it would be awful for staff in their shops to lose their jobs but it is worse for people who used to make shoes for years to be told that - suddenly, their skills are no longer required, we're buggering off to Vietnam..see ya!

I am pleased to say that my new, suede Hotter boots fit me like a glove and I cannot wait to wear them outdoors tomorrow when I'm off to the hairdressers. Judging by how well-made they are they will definitely NOT leak! The price? £64.99, which is competitive in my opinion. One can pay a little less than that for plastic or poor quality leather contraptions from China.

Do I get excited if I buy other things made in the UK? You betcha! I have four Fogarty pillows and each one is Made in England. I have a pink top that is so well-made I cannot tell you..also Made in England for around £16. Quality does sell. Unfortunately, tat does as well. Primark is a good example of this. Remember when M & S had their own St Michael brand, always Made in England? Instead of modernising that they got a designer in and outsourced abroad. Even their underwear is made in Sri Lanka. Why? Can't we make knickers here in the UK anymore? They do on Coronation Street!


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
7th Jan 2011 (#)

When we buy products from other countries we send a portion of our money OUT of our country..
To support our country and local economy we need to shop locally and buy locally made things -

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author avatar Denise O
7th Jan 2011 (#)

I also try to buy from my country. It is getting harder and harder though to find such a thing.
I'm glad you got your boots
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Janey1966
8th Jan 2011 (#)

They're miles better than the Chinese versions! I'd love to know where Ugg boots are made. I know they are Australian but I'd be surprised if they actually come from there. Mum's workmate has a pair and she said they were no good on the ice! At those fancy prices, amazing eh?

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author avatar Carol
7th Jan 2011 (#)

I agree totally, buy British if you can. Many years ago, I ran my own shop in a small town. I did everything to encourage the locals to come to me, and not go to the big towns, as we so needed the trade. Because of my own experiences, I now buy most of my presents all the year round in our little town of Herne Bay ,and not Canterbury. We need to support local shops to help them to survive

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author avatar Janey1966
8th Jan 2011 (#)

Good for you. More people should do this, in my opinion. I reckon once the Chinese economy implodes (which it will, eventually) we may get back to making our own stuff. I do hope so.

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author avatar TNT_Brian
15th Jan 2011 (#)

Thanks for sharing Janey, I totally agree to buy from your own country (UK in my case too) as well as supporting your local and national economy, you are doing your bit to lower your carbon footprint :)

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author avatar MidgetGem
4th Aug 2011 (#)

I didn't know all that stuff about Clark's shoes being made overseas, how interesting. I believe we should produce our own food and clothing as far as possible and only import what we are unable to produce ourselves. It it crazy to import potatoes when we have the perfect climate for growing them here, and the same goes for apples. I will look out for more British shoes and clothing from now on.

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author avatar Rose*
25th Nov 2013 (#)

Yes - support the workforce at home if you can afford it.

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