Cash Pirate, a way to make money with your smartphone

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People are always looking for ways to make an extra buck. Here is an interesting way
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Idle mobile phones

Mobile phones are a powerhouse of potential in peoples' pockets. Whether you have the latest NEXUS, GALAXY or iPhone or merely some lower end device, chances are you are utilizing only fragment of the potential of the device in your pocket. Of course, the result, is that people use their phones for playing or idle browsng of the web. It is in fact possible to make money with your phone and its capabilites in various ways...

Examples of making cash with your phone

There are many examples of how you can make cash with your phone during your spare time. you can write on wikinut, fill in forms and questionairres, enter lotteries etc. Much like the click2pay deals of the past, there are also many applications which claim that they can help ou to earn a little bit extra cash. Some of these are unfortunately not completely honest or have problms with their payouts. Nonetheless, there are some that really work. One of these is CashPirate.

How CashPirate works

CashPirate is an application that you can install from your favortie app store. This application lets you set up an account and, when you open it, provides you with offers of activities which earn you points (generally activities like downloading and installing application via playstore and then opening them once). Every 10 points is worth a cent (i.e. 1000 points are worth a dollar). Payments are made at very 2.5$ reached. Is not overly difficult to reach a payouot within a few weeks.
From my experience, awards offered directly by CashPirate are promptly recorded and I have never had any issue with them. on the other hand, CashPirate also lists rewards offered by other companies. These are more problematic an I have often had problems with these other offers.

Best for a WIFI connection or unlimited internet access

Since most activitites involve downloaing applications it is advisable to use this application only if you have a good WIFI conncetion or otherwise enjoy unlimited access so that you don't incur roming charges in excess of your profits. Nonetheless, CashPirate certainly is a way to make an extra buck in the long run and it certainly is infinitely more productive than playing another round of CandyCrash or Angrybirds. CashPirate pays to paypal accounts with no hassle.

Oh yes, referrals...

As with most such applications, it is worth being referred to join (you get half a dollar free) and your earnings then benefit the person who referred you
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Awesome post and one of a kind writing, cheers!

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