Cashchacha, I would say give it a miss

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Cashchacha is an app which promises to make you some money. This is an earning opportunity which at first glance seems brilliant, but for me after joining things went downhill. I hate to shout scam, but needless to say I was very disappointed with Cashchacha.

Making money online

Making money online can be a fun and even exciting way to pass your time. At the same time it can be frustrating, even a down right disappointment. If one thing is precious in life, then surely it is how we spend our time or in many cases waste our time. I know time holds a important role in my life, it is hard work to manage and fit everything into my day. This is why I hate time wasters, especially the wretched kind who purposely waste people's time for their own gain.

I love making money online and am a long standing member with many online earning sites. But I have run across some bad one's and as I write good reviews for the sites I like, I feel it's only fair I tell of the sites I don't like as well.

Introducing the Cashchacha app

One online earning opportunity which really annoyed me recently, is the earning app Cashchacha. What wound me up so much was the terribly outrageous false advertisement this app uses. When first starting out with Cashchacha, I thought I was on to a winner, and the sad thing is this site has a clever way of getting a fair amount of free work out of you, before you realise they are not what they seem to be.

Most reward apps like these usually offer fast easy instant redeem options, but Cashchacha pay you monthly instead. Now I was fooled because I thought this seemed more professional, but I see now it's just part of the scam. With this app your supposed to redeem on the last Thursday of every month, and your paid at the start of the next month.

To good to be true

There are a lot of sites like this around and they all pay pretty much at the same rates and in dollars. Only Cashchacha seems much higher paying. But they forget to mention that the dollars you earn are not American dollars but Hong Kong dollars, which have less than half the value of the American ones do. So as soon as you redeem your down less than half of what your expecting. My big problem with this is that you don't find out until you redeem. So if like me you start at the beginning of the month, they get a full months worth of your time under false pretences.

I have done a fair few of these kinds of reward apps, I think there fun and easy, and over time can make you a little money. They mostly involve watching ads and downloading and trying new apps, and I would say I have been paid for at least 90 percent of the work I have done. Only with Cashchacha I was only given points for about half the jobs I did their.

So should you use this app? definitely not I would say. And if what I have already wrote doesn't convince you then listen to this. I made my redeem, did I get paid? No. So after all the other little scams they didn't even pay me. If your looking to earn a little cash using the internet, then take some advice and give Cashchacha a miss. They are one big huge headache, not to mention a complete waste of your time.

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5th Jul 2015 (#)

Oh thankyou, I'll give this a miss! Thanks for the advice!

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6th Jul 2015 (#)

Your very welcome thanks for the comment

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