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Investing money is something interesting for everyone, but what is investing in the dictionary of our minds?
Is it just investing in Forex , buying a house and buying a land or it has other meanings for us too?
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Investing In Our Dictionaries

All of us have a dictionary in our minds, we have synonyms for almost everything.
In another word, when we think about flower we can imagine it in our mind and many kinds of flowers come to our mind.
What will you imagine when I tell you the word "INVESTING"?
Buying gold, house and land?
What if I tell you selling needs investing too, Did you ever thing about it?
Lets go to Mr.Tim (Who I talked about ON my previous article).
As I said he was an affiliate marketer and he is a professional one. But he didn't start his work as a professional too, He was a small seller at first but he changed his vision about selling.
Most of us think it could be so interesting to built an application and just after that put it in Itune and money automatically come to our account.
Of course it is so interesting but is it really possible?
Did all famous companies start their work like this?
No, It isn't. We need investing first and then depend on our amount and the quality of our investing and marketing we can make money. You can see Iphone ads almost everywhere on net, on TV, in magazines and ....
Are they crazy?
They have a lot of sells and they are a powerful brand but they have a lot of advertising strategies and paying millions of dollars each year just on advertising. But if you pay more attention you can see they sold about 13000000 Iphone 6S and 6S plus in the first weekend which was a big record for them in their history. So we can see the reason of advertising for them too.
Lets get back to Tim, Imagine he is a novice affiliate marketer and started his work at internet just 1 week ago.
He is a little confused cause he signed up to amazon and he doesn't know have to promote the products on amazon.He tested many different ways and none of them was successful, so he studied some marketing books and understood that he should change his vision about paying for ads.
Some of us afraid of paying for ads cause we tell to ourselves : "What will happen if It doesn't win? What will happen if people don't like my ads? What ...".
This is a wrong way because depend on this way of thinking it is wasting money and we say : " Ok I should pay 100$ for 1000 visitor from google to google Adsense, What will happen if people click on it and don't buy anything ..... No i don't do this it is full of risks".
What if we say it like this : "OK I am investing 100$ for 1000 visitor and I think it is possible to have 10% of them like my ad and have 10% of that 10%, really encouraged to buy my product and it means 10 buyer and I expect to get 150$ so I will have 50% profit".
It is a possible profit for such investment on affiliate marketing. Tim now use the second one, actually he make his strategies more complex than what you see there.
You should check your strategy many times before you start your project to decrease your risk ratio and make more profit not forgetting all of your projects just because of risks.
As a result we can say that it is better to have a reasonably risk than we never test our project because of a wrong vision.
I hope you like this article and send me your comments about it


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Interesting post!

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2nd Oct 2015 (#)

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thank you for good attention

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