Charges Associated with Auto Transport from Atlanta

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When you need to move a car, you already know you’re looking at a sizeable expense. Check out these easy tips for the best possible transport

Charges Associated with Auto Transport from Atlanta

When you need to move a car, you already know you’re looking at a sizeable expense. After all, traditional shipping costs increase significantly as items increase in size; the rate for shipping an entire vehicle is always likely to be rather large. However, there is a way to get your best possible deal, and to save money while securing auto transport from Atlanta. Check out these easy tips for the best possible transport:

Consider Scaled-Back Options

When considering the offerings of many auto transport services, you may be tempted to choose the top-of-the-line options for everything. However, take a step back from passion and think about your transport needs logically.

* Has your vehicle already seen some exposure to the elements? If so, you may be better served to save the additional money you’d pay for a spot on a covered trailer or auto hauler and have your vehicle transported uncovered. It will not cause any more exposure to damaging elements than a drive of similar distance would, and is usually significantly cheaper.

* Ask about multiple-vehicle transport options. If you don’t see a need for your car or truck to be transported all on its own, inquire with your provider about services transporting multiple vehicles at once. Typically, these will include securing of your vehicle onto a one- or two-tiered transport rack and will otherwise be the same as any other auto transport. You’ll pay less because there are fewer transport costs associated with moving your car.

* Choose a roll on/roll off service. If your provider offers it, you may be able to cut cost corners by arranging to meet the transporter in a central location near your ultimate destination or to arrange to pick up your vehicle from a nearby final drop point. This saves some fuel and labor cost by keeping each individual vehicle from having to be brought directly to the customers, and therefore keeps costs low for everyone.

Save on Insurance Costs

Another way to save on the cost of your auto transport is to consider a scaled-down version of the insurance many of these companies offer. While it may be prudent to go with full-coverage options if you have a high-value car, a brand-new vehicle or are selling and transporting your own car, most other vehicle transports do not require extensive insurance coverage.

To save money, choose a coverage option that covers just what you need, and no more. You’ll want to safeguard against any potential major damage, and pay for necessary recourse if your vehicle receives any visible damage, but otherwise you need not pay for pricey auto transport insurance.

Weigh All Your Options

The best tip for any shopper looking to save money is to shop around for goods and services. This includes shipping for your automobile. For those in Georgia, consider all of your options for auto transport in Atlanta and other major areas, and select the local transport provider with the best cost-to-offerings ratio. The best deal is always the one that gives you the most of what you need for the least amount of money. Do your homework and get the most for your money!


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