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Having just finished a campaign for Breast Cancer UK at work, I thought I would share some of my experiences.

The basics.

The company I work for choose a charity each year and give the retail stores the opportunity to raise money for the chosen charity. This happens in various forms, merchandise, fundraising, store manager events and even the simplest of things, a bake sale.

I understand that we are in the middle of a recession at the moment and that people are watching every penny like a hawk but why is it that some people turn their nose up on something that could come back to help them later in life?

The struggle

Charity is something that is seen as both a blessing and a nuisance. For example, if you are in need of treatment, odds are that the research that led to the treatment being available was funded by a charity. Wilst though not help thy fellow man?

There are occasions when even the most benevolent charity giver will become tired with the constant advertising. A case in point is the high-street campaigner. A plucky young person that only wants two minutes of your time, all they need is details. Forgive me for sins but this is the most invasive and least inviting way to give to charity, for me anyway.

I would much rather make my own donations in my own time without the prying ears of an entire high-street listening to all my details being read back to me. Don't get me wrong, I am certainly not against charitable giving but there are limits.


This brings me to the campaign we recently led at work. The simplest way to increase donations was at the till point, you have a consumer that is already paying (sometimes into the hundreds of pounds) for their goods and all you need to do is to ask if they would like to donate £1, which can be added onto their bill.

The vast majority of people are happy to do so but there are some that are not and become rather indignant with the fact they are being asked. I understand that money is tight but charity is as charity does. Provisions are to be made in order for future generations to benefit from the support, research and grants these charities can give to the less needy.

I may sound as though I am just ranting and to an extent this is true. This however is not borne out of anger but more of frustration. As a country we are very quick to condemn the conditions in the third world and have the odd pang of guilt when throwing away the excess food that we have bought but by and large we are not a giving culture.

What's to be done?

In short, we are all in the same boat (for the most part). Money is tighter than before but for the price of a can of coke we really can make a difference. Think of all the people that can be helped by giving a £1 donation!

All I urge you to do, is to look into what could be your deepest hour and see what things might be like without the support of these charities.


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10th Jul 2011 (#)

well said.

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