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Just a snip to see what's out there, and if anyone in the world cares about their fellow man like I do.

Charity? Anywhere?

So today, I sit at this computer, thirsty. My body savors and craves something hot as the winter chill ices the skin. I decide, for once in my life, to make some coffee. I don't even really like coffee. So I empty the ground holder part of the maker, and get a new filter. I pour the water into the reservoir, and commence to looking for the coffee itself.

There is none to be found. However, there where the coffee usually rest, is some hot chocolate. "Even better" I think to myself. I did learn not to put the mix in least in a coffee pot...kind of scorched it! But, I managed to salvage enough for a cup.

The reason I sit here now is not simple, but worth a shot. I'm asking for donations. I've heard amazing stories about people that do this kind of thing. Two that stand out most is the guy that asked people to send him a penny that resulted in over a million dollars, and most recently, a fella on youtube asked and got. Ask and you shall receive am I correct?

So here it is, I am asking for your charity and donations so I can have something for my family. I don't have any credit, so getting a loan from the bank to start a business is out of the question. None of my friends are investors that are willing to be angels and seed a financial expedition for me. I am simply a struggling author that wants more out of life and know that many people have plenty to spare and am sure that many of those people are willing to share! I mean come on, you can write it off on your taxes!

I was a poor single father for so long, and my children were always asking me about going here and there and doing this and that, I want to be able to do that. My parents both worked all the time, I know what they're feeling and I hate it. Makes me sooo sad. If a good company would find me, say an outdoors company, I have tons of inventions to pursue. No money to do the pursuing myself. I could be an insanely successful marketing manager with the ideas I have and have tried to pose...but nobody hears. I feel lost like a huge diamond just beneath your feet hiding in the rough. You just have to find me.

I am on Facebook, and will leave a couple links for you to either help my book sell a million copies, or contact me and support my drive for a better tomorrow. I always give back. Ask anyone I know. Thank you for your time and consideration, hope to hear from you soon!


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author avatar Merlyn
Aspiring young author that just loves to write :) I have two books out now! 'Doing Something Right', being the most recent. I wrote primarily for my children and am sure anyone can relate to it :)

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author avatar Denise O
22nd Jan 2011 (#)

I wish I could help you but, my family is in a bad way at this time also. Sad thing is, it is going on with so many millions of people. All I can give you is my prayers at this time. Sorry I can not do more.
I hope and pray something comes your way.

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author avatar Merlyn
22nd Jan 2011 (#)

Thank you dear.

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author avatar Tranquilpen
9th Feb 2012 (#)

Hello Merlyn, I have no idea what your exact situation is but you are a single parent which means that you have children looking to you for every thing. I have written my story if you care to read it. What I am saying, is that I have been living by God's graces and infinite compassion. He is not into dollars etc. All he needs is for your undying soul and those of your children, to return to Him. The only road to God is to sacrifice your time and efforts on others. Now, you can reject this and wish for a fast buck and I really hope you get your million. Or you can do the following, and by the way, it works in all countries, go over to the nearest shelter and offer your services free of charge. Do anything you are able to for another without expecting something in return. You will start to see just how God functions in our lives. The first thing you will get back in return, is the respect of your children, something that is priceless, lasts a lifetime and can never be bought. The next thing will be where God will improve your life way beyond your wildest dreams. I am living that life and have put three children through senior school
they know exactly where money comes from and know that work very seldom kills. God Blesses you with what you have,health, healthy children,and so much more now go out and thank him for it, by caring for His lambs.

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author avatar AjaySinghChauhan
25th Oct 2014 (#)

good post and thanks for sharing it with us.

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