Ciao a product review site which pays you highly for your work

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Ciao the product review site which pays you to write about the products which you purchase.


Ciao is a website which allows its registered users to write reviews and get paid cash for there work, your pay will depend on how important the product you are reviewing is to the Ciao website and on how many people rate the review you have written.
You can also rate other people's reviews which will benefit you as the people you rate are likely to rate you back which will help to get you more money in your account balance, there are six different ratings which you can give, off topic, not helpful, somewhat helpful, helpful, very helpful and exceptional, you will not be paid very much for a review that gets a helpful rating so you must write a good and descriptive review in order to get a very helpful or exceptional rating and if you do you will notice your earnings growing quickly.
Ciao is very similar to the product review site Dooyoo and the great thing about these two sites is that they don't seem to mind if you share your reviews on both sites, so you can get the earnings from both sites for the reviews you write, giving you more money for the reviews you create, also the two communities on these websites are very similar and you will find the same people writing and rating which makes it easier to make friends and get more money when your new friends rate your work.
There is a big difference between these two sites though as you find out with experience, my time working for these sites has taught me that Dooyoo just wants you to churn out lots of average reviews whilst at Ciao it seems they are looking for gifted creative writers, I say this because of the ten diamonds Ciao gives out each month to the ten best reviews, if you are capable of receiving one of these diamonds you will earn £15 for your diamond review which is not bad at all, Ciao also gives out £2000 extra each month to its members and this is called the premium fund, they split this between all the best reviews of the month, so it pays to write great reviews which get you the exceptional rating.
I think Dooyoo is a great site to work for but Ciao is the more profitable if you are a gifted, talented and creative writer, it pays to write on the subjects and products you are familiar with so you can give a descriptive and honest opinion, this is a website I recommend highly if you are trying to earn some money by writing online.


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author avatar Lori
20th Jul 2014 (#)

Hi there
I've been searching high and low for legit paid jobs writing product reviews (without the fee). I sincerely like what I see here. Continued success and hope this is correct path for me:)) Many thanks! Lori

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author avatar micheal
22nd Aug 2014 (#)

your welcome

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