Complaint badly handled

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Have you ever had more than one and a half thousand rands stolen out of your bank account, and then the bank tries to make you understand you're nothing in their eyes and not worth checking into the problem? So have Marzeus. We continue to discuss his journey to solve a simple problem of a mysterious transaction on his account... or is it that simple? Banks will cover their behinds when the problem is their fault.

Complaint badly handled

Back home, Marzeus goes online to ABSA bank's site. He was looking for the "Ombudsman" he had heard about in the past, but the Ombudsman's conditions say that he must have tried to resolve the issue with the bank first.

So he finds the section where he can lodge a complaint with ABSA.

Three days later, a Greg called. His story is complete and utter rubbish. According to him, the deduction was a fine for withdrawal. These people must be used to dumb customers accepting whatever their bank tells them.

Marzeus tells him straight-up that he doesn't buy this nonsensical explanation. Greg says well then Marzeus should go see the lady at the branch Marzeus visited where she paid the money out to him, because it must be her fault then.

Her "fault"?? thinks Marzeus. She acted exactly as she should have had, and now she has to deal with a later shady transaction somebody else did but suddenly the perpetrator can't be found? Why didn't THAT person call Marzeus instead of this Greg who obviously knows nothing about it but makes up explanations now?

It's amazing how a bank can shunt customers around to different people and different departments at the bank, hoping that the customers will give up on having their simple issues solved. It's simple to Marzeus: They unethically stole money from his account, and the bank's customer service must pay the stolen money back immediately!

Yet, it seems like it's becoming an ever longer struggle to do a simple thing...

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