Could You Benefit From Annual Travel Insurance?

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Buying annual travel insurance enables a frequent traveler to save money on travel insurance. It also helps them to be sure that they have adequate coverage if they should ever have to travel abroad in a hurry, and helps to ensure that their equipment is covered. As frequent travelers know, things such as volcanic ash, civil unrest strikes, etc., can cause travel delays or cancellations, but having annual travel insurance can reduce the risk of losing money because of them.


You may have heard that you need to get travel insurance when you go overseas. This is true whether you are traveling on business or on vacation – or if you just want to go for some holiday travel. If you travel a lot, though, you could save money by buying your medical travel insurance on an annual basis.

Cheaper to Buy Annual Travel Insurance

If you buy travel insurance each time you travel abroad, it is going to be more costly than if you buy annual travel insurance. Buying an annual plan enables you to get a discount on the cost of your insurance, compared to having to buy individual policies each time you travel abroad.

You Are Already Covered for Unexpected Trips

There are times when you may have to travel unexpectedly. If you are in a real hurry, there may not be time to go through the procedures to get the best travel insurance you need. Having an annual travel insurance policy enables you to have the coverage you need and want, and gives you the comfort of knowing you are already covered. All you will have to do is to pack and go at a moment's notice. That will give you one less headache when you need to rush to the airport.

Traveling abroad always has its own situations and potential difficulties. These problems are often worse in developing countries. Getting there with all of your equipment, and being covered for all possible problems will provide its own level of comfort knowing that you are covered and prepared for whatever problems you might face – or not.

Your Expensive Gear Is Covered

When you travel outside of the United States and take some expensive gear with you, you will want it to be covered. This is especially true if you have to leave in a hurry. Equipment such as a computer, an iPad, a camera, or a Smartphone can be costly, and you want to be insured when you pack your pricey gear, as well as your luggage. Before you travel anywhere, however, be sure to read the policy's statement about reimbursement for expensive gear. Make sure you understand the details and limitations before packing a lot of stuff that may not be fully covered.

Check for Unusual Travel Problem Coverage

In recent times, there have been some unusual things happening to travelers. This would include problems such as air travel delays from volcanic ash, holiday failures due to unusually bad weather, strike problems, civil unrest, failures in a scheduled flight, and terrorism. Some plans will cover all six of these problems, but a few will not. Depending on where you are planning on traveling, you may want to be sure that a certain kind of coverage is available.

Look at the Details of the Other Features

Annual travel insurance provides coverage for you while you are out of the country, but there may be some limitations. If you go beyond these limits, you may find yourself suddenly without any coverage at all. There may be a limit, for instance, on how many days you can spend out of the country; certain destinations may not be covered; participating in certain "hazardous activities" may not be covered unless you pay for them in advance; or, if you are involved in an accident while under the influence. You will also want to check to see what the policy is concerning any pre-existing conditions.

Before you buy any annual travel insurance plans, be sure that you understand how to get the best rates. Some companies charge higher prices when you order by phone, as compared to ordering online. Your age will also affect the price of the monthly premiums, too.


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