Creating a Personal System For Success

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Personal system for success is a procedure you have in place to ensure that you make some time in your daily life to attract success. You need to do this through prayers, manifestation, belief and instilling commitment.


Everything should start with a prayer because when you say a prayer, you have certain intention. You may have a need fulfilled or you may want a loved one to get better. Whatever, the reason, the intention is very important. When you intend to have success, you must say a prayer everyday with that intention. We may believe in the almighty or not but we all agree that there is a certain force out there that makes prayers come true. We need to ally that force to help us set the foundation of our success. Make some time just after you wake up for saying your prayers!


Law of attraction came into limelight with “The Secret.” However, the methods described in that book has been used by people many generations ago. The power of manifestation lies in attracting the universe with deep intentions and assertiveness. You want to manifest success, you have to believe that you deserve success and you will find success. You must get rid of any limiting beliefs and get ready to accept success that will come your way when you let it. Make time everyday, at least 15 minutes, to ensure that you attract what you need through reading, writing, thinking etc so that you will help your success manifest before your eyes.

Belief from within

Like mentioned before, any limiting belief will ensure you never succeed. Getting rid of low self esteem or limiting beliefs can be hard, especially when you have been living with them for a long time. However, you need to get rid of that belief which is holding you back. You need to let go of the one thing that is distracting yourself away from the success you so deserve. Talk to yourself everyday and say positive things. Always tell yourself that no one in this world is perfect. Everyone has their shortcomings and everyone moves on with their lives. You need to let go of things that add value to your life and nurture those that do.

Instilling Commitments

This point requires a major change in attitude. Fret not! It is only difficult but not impossible. The true pleasure in living is when you do something which you feel and others tell you is difficult! You need to start telling yourself that everyone believes that what you are attempting is difficult (not impossible). This will help you get that urge to prove others as well as yourself wrong. We love proving others wrong, don’t we?

The best way to get yourself to do something is to tell others about what you intend to do. Not only will this keep you on your toes as they will tend to ask you where you have reached and how you are doing but it will also make you believe you have to get that particular thing done!

Another way to instill commitment is to have a discipline system in place. Make someone in charge of ensuring that you get your things done. If you fail, you will have to face consequences. This is like getting a personal trainer. You know you have to lose weight but you will never get down to doing that unless you have a strict personal trainer who will enforce discipline if you do not comply with the fitness plan. People who employ weight loss trainers or fitness trainers state that their success rate is higher when they do than even they don’t.


In summary, success is all in your head. You can attain success if you believe you deserve it and work towards achieving it. Having a personal system that helps you focus on your system will help you realise your dream as early as possible.

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Just what I need, a personal system for success. Thanks, very much informative and helpful.

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