Creatively Cutting the Utility Bill

Laurie Childree By Laurie Childree, 11th Nov 2015 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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In recent months, finances have led to actively reducing the utility bills in order to see savings and pay other rising expenses. The changes are taking some time to adjust to but so far it's working.


I am already in the habit of unplugging charges for devices that are not attached to a device. I have went a step further and now unplug my coffee maker and flip the switch on the surge protector for my television when I am done with these items. My phone is charged using the USB port on my laptop whenever possible to avoid using the outlet.

Few Items On
All of my light bulbs are energy saver which means that I see savings from them, but I still use as few as possible. In the evenings to light my living room instead of using the overhead light with two to three bulbs burning, I turn on my lamp which only has one bulb.

Instead of using the overhead light in the kitchen I use the single light over the stove to cook as often as possible. During the day when I am up to it, I open the blinds for light in the living room. Occasionally I'll open the door which lets light into my kitchen. As few lights as possible are on at any given time, and none stay on overnight.

Adjusting to the Temperature

It is getting cooler out, but I am fighting not to turn the heat on. I place a fan in the window during the day to cool the house. I have let it get as cool as 65 degrees before shutting the window. I still did not give into the urge to turn on the heat. I have learned that in my apartment once I close the window the temperature will begin to rise on its own.

At night with windows closed my little girl's room is still cool. I put her to bed in warm pajamas with a thick blanket. The living room gets warmer so I place a fan in the chair pointed at my bed to prevent turning the air conditioning on. It is not cold enough for the heat because our new walking routine means that we get warm rather fast when we come inside from the cold.

Heating Water

We take shorter showers, the baby occasionally takes a bath and two showers. She is better at adjusting the water temperature lower so she doesn't use all the hot water. We can take our showers back to back and not run out of hot water which saves on the cost of heating it.

Dishes are washed in hot and rinsed in cold. The water ran while waiting for the temperature to rise is used to water my plants. Not wasting the water is something that I pride myself on doing. Laundry is done in the sink or bathtub when there is no money for the machines. It is done in cold whenever possible to save on heating the water.

End Goal
The first goal is to get the diet aid (doctor recommended it to me) while setting aside the money to pay the deductible ($149) for replacing my blackberry. The screen is cracked, if I cannot find someone to fix it the insurance will replace it.


I am attempting to get my light bill back down to $50. It is at $81 right now which means I need to lower it $31 to reach my goal. This is going to be interesting.


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I'm the single mother of an autistic child a published author. I have a wide range of topics that interest me including personal finance, writing, self employment and creative writing.

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