Credit Card - An evil Fairy God Mother

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Sometimes I wonder if credit cards are really a life saver or something that would drag us deeper into debts.

"Your wish is my command"

My friend got me a copy of the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and though I'm not a big fan of any chic-flick movie her convincing prowess urged me to watch it. The film was great anyway, though done in a comic way, the movie made its mark by emphasizing the lesson it wants to convey. The story’s about a woman who was addicted to shopping - as what the title boasts - making her swim to credit card debts. As later on been haunted by debt collector and with no money to pay yet she tried very hard to avoid the him telling her boss that he's a bitter ex-boyfriend that's harassing her only to be humiliated later on when the collector told the truth in front of many people while she's doing a TV interview.

Come to think of it, this situation happened not only to the lady on the movie; most of us face this debt burden.

My husband and I also got this dilemma even before we got married; we both have debts of our own - credit cards. Well who doesn’t have? My husband got four cards and I have six, which sums up to ten monthly dues that we need to settle.
I don't know what lures us to obtain those plastic money but perhaps it’s the magic of credit line- giving us full purchase power without shedding cash- that made us addicted to them.

Credit cards are burdens in disguise. I can still remember how my friend and I filled up form-after-forms to submit to different card companies and how we curse them whenever we received a letter stating the famous quote "we're sorry but we can't grant your application at this time for undisclosed reason however you may still reapply after six months etcetera...". Does it ring a bell?

Now that we have finally got those elusive plastic money and been able to utilize its great spending power we secretly wish we haven't pursued its application. Don't get me wrong, credit card really has a lot of benefits when used wisely but on the wrong hands or wrong decisions we'll end up being pestered by numerous telephone calls from debt collection agents.

I'm talking from experience, credit cards can be any girl's best friends, it could be a life saver, a magician, a fairy god mother rolled into one, and oftentimes we tend to forget that no matter how great swiping those Burberry wallets and Gucci shoes or how cheap that Valentino bag because it’s on sale, our ever dearest plastic money has its due date and incurs a lot of hidden charges when not paid making us drown in their interests and penalties that multiply.

Been there, done that…cliche but true, I have learned my lesson, though I did not only use my card shopping for personal enjoyment but also for my family’s sake I can’t deny the fact that I also made numerous wrong decisions involving credit card which I’ve been trying hard to fix these days.

There's nothing wrong with having or using a card, just don't let it overpower you. Having a card that you could readily pull when situation got tight is good; you just have to use it with caution unless you want to be bankrupt because of its compounding interest rate.


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