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We carry cash most of the times which is risky or can be pick pocketed specially when we travel all the places at work or elsewhere.Credit card is the best proven method where payments can be done by the card without any hastle....

Why Carry Cash When I Can Clear All Your Payments.

Today's modern world we carry cash everywhere when there is a credit card facility available,

Most of the time we carry cash which is inappropriate.We have to to carry our loaded purse everywhere which is not possible.We have problems sitting with the purse and sometimes even standing in a que,we hardly pay interest because most of the time we are busy either on the phone or doing something else.We hardly pay any interest and in that situation if the purse is robbed then its very hard for us because we have everything in the purse and don't even keep duplicates in the house for and emergency......

Then we have to locate or search the duplicates in the house which we never find at any cost then we have to go to the bank block our credit card if we have anything else in that purse this will all put us in deep tension and also we loose quiet a lot of cash which then is a headache,that's the reason if we have a credit card we should make use of it rather than just keeping it in the pocket.Its very handy and useful at all times and easy too.Credit cards are issued to those having a certain amount of salary.Not everyone can afford a credit card,but for sure who has credit card they have many different types of credit card and too make good use of it......

Credit cards are useful in all manner and whenever if any shopping is done or anything purchased we can definitely use the credit card if we have one.Once if you happen to loose a credit card we should have the credit card company informed at once to block the credit card because if we don't do so then we will be at a higher risk.Reason if someone uses our credit card against a whole lot of things and then throw the card later on when we get a new credit card we will be shocked to see the highest bill used against our credit card or something purchased which is far to expensive which even you might not dare to buy it.So all this carelessness will lead you to distress and tension which will make you sick,so to avoid all this problems we have to be well prepared if we loose our credit cards we have to block it immediately and then later get a new card.........

Cash being a hastle to keep it with us as we are at higher risk of being robbed or hit by someone if they know that we carry so much cash with us daily because we are not using credit card regularly for our small small shoppings and we are not habituated
in using it in our daily lives and some people don't have the knowledge how to use it even though they have one given by their son's or daughters..............

So friends if you have a credit card do make proper use of it and take good care of it even though you don't use it.See that no one misuses it at any condition and if you don't have one remember one day or the other you will get it for sure because it helps you in many things specially loans and purchasing items which are very handy for you and your family.So treat it with care if you have one and far as possible help others get one and let them know the difference between cash and credit card which most of them are not aware of its usage and think that only rich people can have credit cards......

Please understand the importance of credit card which can help you in the smallest things to be bought in the family without cash....................

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author avatar vpaulose
27th Aug 2011 (#)

Thank you for this nice page dear Clayton.

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author avatar clayton
28th Aug 2011 (#)

welcome sir...

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author avatar Johnson Smith
29th Aug 2011 (#)

Credit cards have become the need for everyone as they have made tha tracnsactions easy and people can carry the money easily in the way of them

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