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Exploring Canadian Crown Corporations and how the Queen takes an income from them.

Crown Corporation Insurance

Two years ago I decided to explore my world by looking at prospecting, so I took out additional insurance under our Crown Corporation MPI (Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation).

Next, I decided to learn as much as I could about geological deposits in my local region and obtain a prospecting licence.

Once I discovered a good area rich in gemstone deposits containing beryllium and platinum my next step was to learn about how to stake a claim on Crown land.

Sifting and reading through mine laws, mineral terminology and obligations on land development, much to my shock, there was a clause that the Queen of England was entitled to a minimum of 1% in addition to taxes and all other costs.

Hesitating and feeling a little disturbed, I decided to explore exactly what "Crown Land" and "Crown Corporations" were.

Crown Lands are a source of Income for the Crown.

Peeling through layers of information on "Crown Land", I was shocked to discover that the Queen of England technically owns all of the land in Canada. We are merely "renters", as well as the indigenous population that have resided in these lands for thousands of years.

Being curious, I decided to look up exactly how many Crown Corporations were in Canada. After all, if the Queen owns all of the lands and is extracting an income from that, what was her income from Crown Corporations?

Red Herrings and Locked Financial Reports

As I began to look up each Crown Corporation; one thing was certain:
these companies are powerhouses making billions and billions of dollars.

There are simply too many Corporations to list. There are Federal and Provincial levels.

If you would like to see the entire list of Canadian Corporations that the Queen of England owns in Canada click on this link:
Queen of England owned Corporations

Exploring Manitoba Hydro (another Crown Corporation) I soon discovered that they were extracting energy, selling it to us, and also selling to the United States. In addition, they were not providing the indigenous population with clean running drinking water. Nor were they providing any type of financial disclosures to the public encouraging transparency and accountability; they simply had their lawyers shut everything down.

A private investigator (Janie Duncan) managed to track down several documents and published them, it showed millions of dollars going in circles and lining the pockets of people who were already rich and had direct involvement. Crown income is not public information, yet they lead the public into believing that it is an asset of each province and an asset of Canadians.

The term, "The Queen is only a Figure Head" is nothing more than a Red Herring, used to beguile everyone in the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth is comprised of 53 countries and over 2.2 billion people, how much does the Queen really have as an income?

For more information on Canadian Crown Corporations click HERE.

A special thank-you goes out to my sister seraphic for encouraging me to write again.


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