Day 2 of the schlep to get Paypal set up in South Africa

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Well it's the next day and Marzeus is on his way to the city. On his list of things to do is to open an account with First National Bank in order to use Paypal.

Day 2 of the schlep to get Paypal set up in South Africa

While driving he checks in the backpack he has with him just to see the statement from his other bank that shows two words, "Tower Hills", as his physical address. He grabs it and then crumple it up completely, then open it up again. There, perfect to demonstrate that he's providing it under protest.

Then starts another session of hell at FirstNational Bank. He is in a bad mood immediately because it's obvious that out of all the little cubicles where bank personnel is supposed to open new accounts for customers, only one of them is manned. And there are people already there and there are people waiting in line for that cubicle too. Enough to blow one's blood pressure through the roof.

Then we skip to the part where Marzeus finally gets his turn. The poor woman doesn't even know what Paypal is, but she remembers there was a communication message some months ago about it. She explains that this message is all they got about this new paypal thing, that is why nobody really knows what it's all about.

So she searches and searches and searches on her computer for that message to clue herself in. She doesn't find it. She asks other personnel when it might have been that they got this message.

Anyway, after some search, she finds the one single message. Marzeus asks if he can use his credit card account that he already has with the bank, because he doesn't want to pay for two accounts just to use paypal for small and few transactions. She says as far as she knows, yes.

She calls somebody about it. Then puts down the phone and says sorry, a credit card account does not qualify.

So Marzeus asks how do they decide which accounts qualify? The woman doesn't know. Marzeus says to call those people again and ask why a credit card doesn't qualify and who decides it. So she calls again.

She has to wait long again before her call is answered. But finally it is. The same "Pinky" answers again and says a credit card account doesn't qualify. So the woman asks why. Pinky says she'll go find out.

So, on hold goes the call. For a very, very long time.

Finally Pinky returns and says a credit card account is not a qualifying account. The woman asks that they call Marzeus directly, and Marzeus gives them his phone number. Then the woman says Pinky will go find out more information about why a credit card account isn't acceptable, and then get back to him some day.

So, Marzeus leaves, and after all this time it's closing time for the bank again. And so, day 2 of the blooming schlep to set up paypal ends, with Marzeus still not having paypal set up.

What the hell is going on here? EVERYBODY in the world, from America, England, Australia, you name it can use paypal very easily with their credit cards. Why in the name of god is service allways patheticized to the extreme in order to discourage South Africans from business? The Reserve Bank is clearly strangling the people and hindering huge potential money from coming into the country. It is absolutely unacceptable.

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