Despite what it may "look like", Wallace DeLois Wattes is right, every "pessimistic muckracker" is wrong

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Despite what may be said about outer forces ruling economies, and all the pessimism going on in the "outer arenas". Wealth and productive work are really "inner things".

I mean think about it:

All is really one when it does come to how it is all doing, the way we are doing inside is akin to the way we are doing outside to start out with a bang paraphrasing Wallace D. Wattles, the author of the "Science of Getting Rich" trilogy. When we acknowledge the role of our inside influences on the outside world, we will have obsoleted volumes and volumes of pessimistic economic talk and writing right there.

So, when I type the word optimism, I do not mean "ignore the signs" though. Indeed, I do mean that we must take realistic action whatever the situation given. Also, I think and realize that management is always necessary. A "live and let live" approach even in ideal conditions does not really work to well. In short, if we want good conditions, we must consciously preserve them to an extent, things do not stay good indefinitely "on automatic" or whatever.

If things need care or are going "too well", where does overconfidence come in?

My answer to the above "dumb" question posed in this section title is: Overconfidence does not figure at all, in fact, it is not a factor. Sure, good levels of self confidence are a positive factor, but, overconfidence is always a no-no, especially when things are "too good". For, they can always get too bad if you get too careless.

With overconfidence, "lucky streaks" can always come to a crashing end, I heard it said by many. I totally agree with this and I can tell you why: Even the most infallible thing can end up "The H.M.S. Titanic" in a sense, in that the best economic conditions like the "Bill Clinton tech bubble" of overconfidence in the 1990s and early to mid 2000s can lead to "the 2008 crash". That is an exact exposition of my point. So, overconfidence of any sort is a negative factor, and even under the best conditions a protracted amount of genuine care and understanding with proper assertiveness is needed and wanted really. For life is like a game that anyone, including yourself and myself, needs and wants to be serious about if we want to win or succeed genuinely. I do not mean temporary "bubbles of success", but a permanent ideal that keeps us genuinely successful always even with small seeming "bubbles of failure" once in a while, there is success overall. Persistence is power when it comes to those small "bubbles of failure" and an understanding that there is overall success as a concept and reality.

After all, real optimism is not overconfidence, it is proper confidence combined with well-used understanding overall. Think about that statement and you will see that it is accurate.


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