Do You Have What it Takes to Work from Home

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This article discusses what it really takes for someone to work at home.

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Since I began working from home, I have had a lot of my friends ask me for information about it. It usually starts off with a statement like, "I like to write." When I begin explaining to them how much work I actually put it I can see the disappointment in their eyes and they never give it a shot. I began to think about what it really takes to work from home and how important it is for people to know this before they go out and quit their jobs.

Working at home is not a way to get easy money, it is also not something you should jump into head first. When I started working from home it was because I had lost my job and had a family to support. I refused to lose everything I had worked so hard for. I did it out of necessity. I do not recommend this. If I could do it over, I would have gotten into working from home a little at a time. I would have used my spare time to get my feet wet.

So what does it take to work from home? First, it takes a lot of dedication. One of the things I do to make money from home is writing articles. This can be for websites or for clients. It takes a lot of dedication to come up with article ideas when you are not given any. It also takes dedication to meet deadlines. You have to focus on the fact that this is your job and you have to earn an income with it. The second thing it takes is a lot of hard work. Many people think that working from home is a cake walk and that anyone can do it. This is a false assumption. Most freelancers work at least 12 hours a day while still running a home. This is anything but a cake walk. Think about how many stay at home moms complain about how hard their job is, now adding to everything that a stay at home mom does, working online for 12 hours while the kids are running around the house. If you are not used to hard work, working from home is not for you.

Working from home takes a lot of time. You have to find jobs, bid on them, complete the work in a satisfactory manner in the time allotted by the client. Deadlines are important. There have been nights where I had to stay up past 2 am just to complete work by the deadlines given. Those nights I get less than four hours of sleep just to jump up the next morning and do it again.

The last thing working from home takes is organization. If you are not organized, you will not succeed. Ask yourself this question, how are you going to put the time in required for a full time job, supervise your children, keep your house in order, and prepare all the meals needed for your family. Time budgeting is the most important thing you need to know when it comes to working from home.

If you think you have what it takes to work from home, give it a shot. Take it slow, try working a few hours a day and see how that works out. Set goals for yourself for the amount of money you want to make each day and the amount of time you want to work. If you can accomplish the small goals you will be able to work up to working at home full time.


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