Do You Need Wedding Insurance for Your Big Day?

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Wedding insurance can prevent a wedding from becoming a real disaster if anything should go wrong. Because weddings often cost more than $26,000 today, wedding insurance can help reduce losses if there are injuries at the wedding, the wedding is cancelled, the location becomes unavailable, the rings or wedding attire is lost, etc. Over 18 percent of those with wedding insurance make claims, and this shows that having wedding insurance is generally a good idea.


People often look forward to weddings for a long time in advance, and a lot of money is often spent for each one. In fact, the typical wedding in the United States costs around $26,000. While people are highly focused on making their wedding a great day – which it usually is – there still are many opportunities for things to go really wrong. Wedding insurance can help soften the blow when the best plans fail to be fulfilled as hoped.

Wedding Insurance Can Help Protect Your Investment

The excitement of the event builds to a crescendo as it gets closer. People are rushing around to get everything done, and some may even travel great distances to be at a wedding. In fact, sometimes either the bride or the groom – or both – also has to travel. If the wedding is going to be in a place that could experience bad weather, such as hurricanes, nor'easters, or snow or tornadoes, then having to cancel due to bad weather is a real possibility. Sometimes a bride or groom may also be called up for military duty overseas just before a wedding, but having wedding cancellation insurance or wedding event insurance can help cover the costs.

When everything is considered, such events mean that money is going to be lost – and possibly a lot of it. Other things could also occur that could cause what should be a very happy day into a real nightmare. What if, for instance, the bride or the groom decides not to show up for the wedding? Or what if the ring is lost, or the gown, or some ordered service fails to deliver – such as the flowers, a caterer, the limousine service, the photographer, or anyone else that you already paid money for? It is even possible that the rented facility may not be available! Possibly the wedding gifts are stolen, and much more.

Wedding Liability Insurance Covers Injuries and Damages

Other problems can also occur in the form of falls or injuries during the wedding or reception. This is even more likely to occur when there is alcohol served to the guests. Or, it simply could be raining or snowing outside and someone gets hurt. You need to be covered in such circumstances and wedding liability insurance will cover you for it. Don't forget, too, that someone could have too much to drink and have an accident or might even kill someone on the way home.

It seems that problems around weddings are not that unusual. More than 18 percent of those with a wedding insurance policy that made a claim had experienced a sickness, an injury, or some other kind of unfortunate problem. Problems with attire or being called away to a military deployment occurred in more than 12 percent; and bad weather accounted for as much as 10 percent of the claims. In one case, a candle was left burning and it burned down the facility! Fortunately they had insurance and the insurance company paid out $150,000 in damages!

Although having wedding insurance does not guarantee that you will have a great wedding, it will reimburse you if there are cancellations or other problems. You are also protected in liability cases, enabling you to rest easier even when problems do occur.

Considerations About Buying Wedding Insurance

Different wedding insurance companies will offer a few different options. This means that one company may provide the ideal coverage for your wedding, but not another one – depending on your situation. Be sure to find out what a policy will cover, for instance, if the wedding is going to be at your home, but also find out if your homeowner's policy also covers this type of event, too.

Wedding insurance can be purchased more than a year before the wedding, and oftentimes even on the same day as the wedding. Having it earlier, however, is apt to help you to be more relaxed about your great day, and will help to ensure that you are properly covered if anything should go wrong.


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